Spark Children's Imagination, with fun adventures by the sea

Going to the Ocean here are some great fun activities for kids other than building a sand-castle

1. Make a seashell necklace-Find a lot of broken shells? This is the perfect craft idea to use these imperfect collections

2.Bottle it up- Have an empty bottle?Have your kids fill it with sand and shells and other ocean treasures for a great souvenir to take home

3. Kids binoculars What a great way for kids to use their imagination about pirate ships a long ways away or that bird that is just out of sight

4.Picnic-Bring a picnic Basket and blanket and have a picnic by the sea, a very fun treat for your kids.

5.Put on a pirate/mermaid play. Let your child put on a play at the ocean.

So the Ocean not in your plans for the weekend. Here are some great Ideas for the lake

1.Teach your kids how to Skip Rocks in the water My dad taught me as a young girl and I still have fun skipping rocks today

2.Fishing is a great way to spend time with your kids, Whether you are on a boat or land,Fishing is a great experience for Kids.

3.Have them Bring a A bucket and collect fun memories and treasure at the lake

For Ponds Rivers and Streams

1. Catching Frogs-Boys and Girls alike have fun Catching frogs(make sure you bring dry clothes) this can be a messy activity.

2.River Rock walking with Mom and Dad helping walking on river stones through a stream is a lot of fun (make sure that their shoes are non-slip) and bring Bug Spray

3. Make a Sailboat with Mom and dad their to retrieve it, have your kids make a boat and sail away. A great activity for slow moving shallow water

4. Let your child take pictures-This is a great rule of thumb whenever you take a trip kids love to take pictures of their adventure

Well Happy water Adventures to your family and I hope you have lots of fun with these Ideas.

Kids Coloring Before Their Water Trip

Hope Everyone has A great Trip with Their Kids Please leave comments here 4 comments

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 4 years ago from New York

Some good ideas for ocean and lake fun!

chuckandus6 profile image

chuckandus6 5 years ago from The Country-Side Author

Thanks everyone for your great comments

J.S.Matthew profile image

J.S.Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

Some really good ideas here! Thanks for sharing.


ArtByCari profile image

ArtByCari 5 years ago

Great ideas. Makes me want to go to the beach!

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