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How to teach my children to play independently?

All three of my children (10,8, and 3) NEVER play independently, EVER, I mean NEVER! Not even a little! I have always played with them. I am at a point where as much as I love them, it would be nice if my little one could color by herself for a few minutes or if my older two could manage to play with their trucks or explore the woods or ANYTHING that doesn't involve me. I don't mean to sound like a harsh parent. They need to learn that being happy shouldn't have to be reliant on someone else ALL the time and honestly I need a break! How do I teach them this? I'm trying to break them all of tv.

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MizBejabbers says

2 years ago
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    Peeples 2 years ago

    They will explore the woods play without me if they have friends over, but without friends they do nothing but play with me it seems. I didn't intend for it to be like this. Infact I "free range" when they have friends around, it's when friends gone.

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savvydating says

2 years ago
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Rebecca Mikulin (wychic) says

2 years ago
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