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Is there any other parent out there a parent of a child with ADHD and ODD?

If so being able to relate with other parents going through the same challenges that I find so many parents are having to go through . It seems to help being able to relate to one anothers life as well as scenerios that i find we seem to face on a daily basis. the struggles and the demanding task that seems to occupy our time and makes us have deep issues regarding another child as the seem to feel left out because you are having to supply most of your time with the child that has these issues.It's trying to balance both children successfully as well as maintaing a heathly marriage and home.

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Dawn Michael (dawnM) says

6 years ago
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Sher Lessons says

6 years ago
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Jo30060 says

3 years ago
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alimaxsmom says

6 years ago
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  • Ive32 3 years ago

    My son is 11 he was diagnosewith adhd and odd and some other thing he is been kick out of five different schools. He got agressive fisicly with my mom and father also me he was arrested in feb. Because he got agressive at schoo.

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