Catch A Toy - A Fun Claw Machine Game You Can Play on the Web for Free


About the Game

Calling all CLAW MASTERS - If you love the claw machine, skill crane and UFO Catcher then you'll enjoy the Catch A Toy game you can play on the web.

Screenshot of game instructions
Screenshot of game instructions

How To Play

When the game loads it plays a very short and really cute animation; turn up the volume before you load the game to hear the sound.

1. Select which prize you want to get by clicking on it with your mouse.

2. Use the up/down/right/left arrow keys to move the claw.

3. Hit the enter or return key on keyboard to drop the claw.

4. If you lose, you can try again by clicking on the tiny doll in the right corner of the screen to start over. If you win you get a cute little virtual doll!

Win a virtual doll prize in the Catch A Toy game!
Win a virtual doll prize in the Catch A Toy game!

About Free Online Claw Machine Games

For years I have searched the web to find virtual claw machine games because I am a huge fan of the games in real life. Thanks to many generous game creators who put their games online for the rest of us to enjoy for free, I have found many of these types of games.

The Catch A Toy game is one the most popular games that people have played in my collection.

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Game Arcade profile image

Game Arcade 5 years ago from US Author

Thank you, Bud, I hope you try it and let me know if you enjoy the game.

Bud Gallant profile image

Bud Gallant 5 years ago from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

This is very useful. I enjoy games, and this one seems like a winner. I'll probably give it a shot myself.

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