Paper Glider Game App For iPhone - High Scores, Tips, Hints, Cheats


Looking for Paper Glider game app tips, hints, cheats and high scores? Well you are in the right place. Paper glider is an iPhone and iPad game app that is free to download and currently one of the most popular iPhone apps. In this article we will review the game, look at how to play and then most importantly look out for some handy paper glider tips and hints to get you a good high score. We will also see if there are any cheats available for paper glider.

If you are looking for an iPhone or iPad app to kill some time then paper glider is for you. As this is a free download you really have nothing to lose downloading this one. It’s easy to play, good fun and quite addictive. So now let’s have a closer look at the paper glider game app.

Paper Glider App


Paper glider is a game produced by Neonplay. When you open the app up you are taken to the paper glider menu. From here you can either play the game, view the options, view the scoreboard or have a look at some more Neonplay games. The options are pretty simple, you can leave feedback for the game, turn the sound off or on, again view more Neonplay games or connect up with Facebook or Twitter. Currently there are no global leader boards on paper glider so if you want to share your high scores with friends you can do it by posting it directly to twitter or Facebook. There is also an option to email your scores to your friends.

The high scores page is handy as it saves your top 10 high scores for paper glider. I think the one major thing that paper glider is lacking is a leader board with global scores on, it would be nice to be able to add your score to that and compare it with others.

Game Play


When you click on play and enter the game you see a little paper airplane floating on the left of the screen. You simply place your finger on the plane and then pull it across the screen and release it. Now the plane with take flight across the office you are in. There are a few obstacles to avoid, first of all a ceiling fan with try to shred your paper glider, you need to go under that. As you fly through the office there is another over head fan to avoid. If you get close to these they will give you a little speed burst.

If you make it all the way across the office you fly out of the window. Now your paper glider is free! It flies across different worlds as far as possible. When you are out the window a bar appears at the top of the screen saying wind. Each time you tap the screen a gust of wind pushes your paper glider a little further along. The object of the game is pretty simple, throw your paper glider as far as possible. Each time you crash you are put onto the top scores page, unless of course you don’t make the top 10. Your top 10 scores are recorded by an arrow on the screen so when you are playing you can see how well you are doing in relation to previous attempts.

Tips, Hints, Cheats & High Scores

First of all let’s think about high scores. As there is no global leader board it is interesting to know exactly what a good score is on paper glider. I am not sure what the highest ever score or the longest ever throw is on paper glider but I can tell you that if you get further than 40,000 you have done very well. I have never seen anyone throw past 50,000 although that may be possible. Feel free to post your scores on the message board at the bottom of the page, then we will all know what a good score really is. UPDATE - We now have a page for high scores, click this link to see the global leaderboards.

When it comes to tips and hints for paper glider there are a few we can look at. The first is to get as close to the fans as possible, the closer you are the more of a boost your paper glider will get. Another tip for paper glider involves the wind. You need to use the taps sparingly as there are a limited amount you can use. If you tap to many times to quickly your glider will start to fly up and down, whereas if you just steadily tap every so often you should be able to get your glider to fly in almost a straight line, this will go further. A simple tip is to avoid flying off the tops of the screen.

If you are looking for cheats for paper glider then I am afraid there are none at the moment. Chances are in the future someone will come up with some cheats or some way of helping people get a long distance, but for now, no cheats for paper glider.

Paper glider really is a great fun little iPhone app. The game is easy to play and very good fun. It does take some skill and practice to get a really good score so this is the kind of game that will keep you busy for a few hours. As a free download paper glider really is well worth getting hold of as it will keep you busy and put a smile on your face! So go on, get downloading it and then let us all know how many points you can score!

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Comments 67 comments

Zox 6 years ago


Tommy 6 years ago


Alden 6 years ago


Aivis 6 years ago


Jānis 6 years ago


Jose 6 years ago


Cody 6 years ago


Kodez 6 years ago

49757 LEGIT!!!

Zox 6 years ago

Correction: 42570

Benny 6 years ago


Joe 6 years ago


noslon 6 years ago

52'365 !!

Joey Chai 6 years ago

46847 high score

Andy swe 6 years ago

41k ;(!

Fabe 6 years ago

52040, where do i send a screenshot to get on the leaderboard?!

Alex J 6 years ago

55.975 Got a screenshot aswell, and can duplicate the result

Loben007 6 years ago


Rob Wilson 6 years ago


Milan0 6 years ago

51025 - would love some people to share their tactics on how they got further than mine in stuck at this distance.

Bran 6 years ago

67327 legit I have a great strategy

Wooder 6 years ago

56066....even got a screenshot!

Rick  6 years ago

47650 this is doing my head in I play this far to much and need to beat my friend of 48865 help pls lol

Boxster 6 years ago


Mark 6 years ago

54134 dats my score

Will 6 years ago

52063 2nd day playing I'll keep working!

Cookie 6 years ago

52,730, struggling to beat that now. Throwing the plane above the second fan so it swoops down out the window, usually don't need to touch the wind until 10,000

Cookie 6 years ago

53219, over first fan. Doubt I'll beat that now.

Jjjohnson k 6 years ago


Don 6 years ago

Try going above the fans, you will be able to get over the first but haven managed getting over the second.

Mike 6 years ago

The straigt line tactic doesn't really work. The distance is really no more than a timer, the longer you keep your plane in the air the better your score. Gliding up and down turns out to get further because it stalls time more.

Alex 6 years ago


I agree with mike, what you want to do is try to glide up and down, using the slightest bit of wind but staying right on the edge of the high/low borders. I normally go under the 1st fan but over the 2nd, I have managed to go over both but haven't tried it with that glide tactic yet.

Steven 6 years ago

U guys with over 60 are lying I have tried everything.

Zoxxx 6 years ago

Bran, what is your strategy? I think it's impossible to go over 60k..

Bry M 6 years ago

Just got 58,703 have screen shot to send in to an address if can be given. Also would love 2 know how someone has got 67,000 . I reckon I could get 60,000 but not any further . Any tips?

Jet 6 years ago

87,153 legit! i have screen shot and a great strategy. we'll keep you posted

45003 6 years ago


Zoxxx 6 years ago

How, Jet?

Steven 6 years ago

Will some one explain how to get to 60 000

Zebra stripes 6 years ago

This game is the worlds easiest game ever do just what it really says to do!!!! :)

Harry 6 years ago

My top 10 results are all over 50.000 p, top score 53144. I guess I could reach 56-58 but over 60 just seems very hard. Best tactic seems to be to go under the first fan and above the second, tap at about 11.000 and then stay as close to the edges as possible. How are you doing to reach 60? Thanks!

Zebra stripes 6 years ago

Hello this game is easy

Bill 6 years ago

Post a you tube video over 50000 someone...please

RObin 6 years ago

55454. Its not hard to get over 50000. My scoreboard starts from 47000 and up.

Kwon 6 years ago

Sikness 6 years ago


Chicken 6 years ago

I got 71,097 totally legit I have a screen shot and it's recorded on you tube

Bill 6 years ago

Hey Chicken....what's the link to the video?

Fred 6 years ago

No screenshots.....probably not legit. I won't believe above 60k until I see video or screenshot.

norman 6 years ago


Adam 6 years ago

52k with relative ease. Go under first fan and over the over second. Once out the window tap once quickly, this sends you to the top of the screen. Don't touch again until 13k plus. Short presses which use 2 or 3 wind bars used when plane is on the way down. If you don't go close to the top of the screen on return hold a little longer next time you go down.

Easy 4 sure 6 years ago

Umm I do not know what you guys are saying this is the worlds easiest game ever I got 66,789 so what know????? No seriosly how do I post it.

Huseyin OZTEL HZO 6 years ago

I did 44696.

ManBearPig 6 years ago

My top 10 scores are between 49980 and 52402 but I cant see how anyone can get to 60k... 55K+ is pretty darn crazy, would love to have someone post a real FB or YouTube link...

Lou 6 years ago

Go over first fan and under second. You will leave the window in an upward motion and can travel to the second screen with no wind . My high is almost 57 K . Gl.

Fid04 5 years ago

54832 i think over 60000 us impossible

Neon Play 5 years ago

Hey everyone,

Thanks to the author for an awesome review and nice work everyone on your great scores! We have an offical facebook page ( where we will be making some big announcements in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Paper Glider has Game Center now so you can see the best scores of the day, week and of all time.

Thanks for making Paper Glider so great, keep flicking!

Neon Play

Zox 5 years ago

Thank you for making such a playable game!

mel 5 years ago

hi acyually all the time i am making more than 50.000 my high score is 56074

Clay 5 years ago

My high score is 52181

Skizzo 5 years ago

Yes.. 61727 and the rest of THE scoreboard above 58000

Canun 5 years ago


Cory 5 years ago

high score 106,670. Using all the powers. On a single throw with no powers, high score was about 46,509

Cory 5 years ago

high score 106,670. Using all the powers. On a single throw with no powers, high score was about 46,500

Danny 5 years ago

I got 74,989 with the two rockets but without any I got 64,811

masonstorm 5 years ago

Guys I got 95641

SyfaKiD 4 years ago

I got just over 103000 no power ups on classic mode!!!

Frederick 4 years ago


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