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Lane Splitter Game App For iPhone - Lanesplitter Tips, Cheats & High Scores

Updated on January 22, 2012


Looking for Lane Splitter app tips, hints, cheats and high scores? Then you are in the right place. In this article we will review the iPhone lane splitter game app, look for some helpful tips and hints to get you some high scores and also see if there are any lanesplitter cheats out there. Basically this article should tell you all you need to know about the iPhone and iPad game known as lane splitter.

The lane splitter app is currently a free download from the app store and is one of the most popular games available on the iPhone at the moment. The game is an arcade racing game that tests a players quick reactions and balance skills. If you want a simple easy to play game that will have you hooked in minutes then this game really is for you.


Lane Spiltter Game


When you open the lane splitter game app up you are taken to the menu page. On the main page you have the options to ‘play’ the game, view the ‘scores’ or check the ‘options’. There is also a little tab for ‘news’ which gives you all the latest game information. On the options page you can change the sound effects, restore the setting and turn record scores on and off.

The scores page is a handy one. Here you can view all your high scores that you have achieved in the game. You can also check on the high scores of your friends who play the game and also check the global high scores. I like this page as it gives you an idea of what is a really good high score on lane splitter, then you can try to get yourself on the high scores page.

When you click play you enter the game arena. The game is pretty simple. You are riding a motorcycle and you must negotiate the traffic. The further you travel the more points you score. As you move along the traffic gets heavier and the speed increases. To move your rider you simply tilt the device from right to left. For every car you pass by you are awarded ten points, you also rack up points for the distance you travel. At one point you hit traffic, the bike slows down but you must now thread your way through lines of cars. The game ends when you hit a car or crash into the side of the road. Then you can save your score, if it is a good one.

Tips, Hints, Cheats & High Scores

If you want some lane splitter tips then we can have a look at a few. If you want to increase your speed, just hold your finger on the screen. This will make you do a wheelie and make you speed up. This is a good way to get extra points, when you pass a car while pulling a wheelie you are awarded 5 points for the first car, 10 for the second, then 15 and so on until you reach 50. Then for each car you pass you get 50 bonus points. A tip when pulling a wheelie is to only tilt the device slightly as the controls are far more sensitive when in this position. Go as far as you can do while pulling a wheelie to earn big points. Another tip is to stay close to the lines when travelling fast. This makes it easier to move out of the way when cars block your path.

If you are looking for cheats for lane splitter then currently there are none. This is still a new game so it may be that someone comes out with some lane splitter cheats in the future. But as of now there are no cheats available. When it comes to high scores there really are some impressive ones on the leaderboards. Some of the higher ones are over 30,000 points which really is impressive. The most I have managed is currently 15,000 and this took a bit of practice. If you follow some of the tips here though you should get a good high score on lane splitter.

The lane splitter game app for the iPhone really is a great one to keep you occupied. As it is currently a free download it is one that you can get without worrying about cost. It is very easy to play and gets very addictive as you start to chase down those high scores. So if you want an app that will keep you occupied for a few hours then this one comes very highly recommended. Download lane splitter now and get weaving through that traffic.


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    • profile image

      deal 5 years ago

      I think it depends but when I have been using Kim, I am able to pick up a lot more gold becase she is a slower-moving character. It also helps to upgrade the magnet and coins

    • profile image

      CarloSalgado 5 years ago

      My best is only 14876

    • profile image

      Franks 5 years ago

      How do you do a jump?

    • profile image

      Lubu 5 years ago

      i wanna know which hero get's gold faster?

    • profile image

      ChaseP 5 years ago

      You use whatever your ability is. Wheelie/ boost until the cop is gone

    • profile image

      49seconds 5 years ago

      I did a 49 second long wheelie

    • profile image

      XC436 5 years ago

      Can someone PLEASE tell me how to get rid of the cop?

    • profile image

      Pepe 5 years ago

      Buy donuts at the store, cops love donuts:)

    • profile image

      Yolinh 5 years ago

      How do u get away from the cops

    • profile image

      me 6 years ago

      Use the second character,the one that gets a turbo boost, stay to the fer left of the screen, on the very edge before you get a nail warning, and stay there the WHOLE time. You swerve into the nail zone to avoid cars in the left lane. Hold turbo the whole time to max your points, only letting go for Traffic, at which point you'll leave the edge and lane split. follow this and you'll be on that world leaderboard in no time

    • profile image

      Wwefreak 6 years ago

      I did 31632

    • profile image

      Jay 6 years ago

      Is easy just speed up..

    • profile image

      Nila 6 years ago

      It's so easy

    • profile image

      Chakri 6 years ago

      You wheel and run away, that is what I have been doing

    • profile image

      tia 6 years ago

      All I want to know is how the hell do you get away from the cop?? I keep doing so good and then a cop shows up... there's gotta be a way to get rid of him! Pleeeeassse hel!