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I would like to hear your thought's regarding Bipolar?

I do struggle with Bipolar Disorder not because I've been diagnosed because I fought against it for years. Finally had to admit that I really did have this problem that I believe if you have the time to watch this video it would be helpful. The recognition and understanding of 'mental condition' have changed over the centuries. Just like any other medical condition and its treatments. This is a country that has changed regarding medical and mental conditions but just as everything else it is with growing knowledge, exploration and trial and one day hopefully a cure.

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monicaortegamon says

4 years ago
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Understanding Mental Health Pt 275

Understanding Mental Health Pt 2

4 years ago
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Amanda jean Gardenour (mandy36jk) says

3 years ago
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fosginger says

4 years ago
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    Wanda Young (wandayoung) 3 years ago

    Yes! Being cursed with bi-polar, especially when paired with PTSD, is sooooo difficult. Therapy can help. So does the right dosages of the right meds. My therapist asked me where I wanted to be in 5 years. Don't listen to non bi-polars. They can't kn