Best Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Understanding the Dog Lover

 There are many people who don't understand the dog lover. These people place their pets as not just a pet but a member of the family. They love their dog, they feed it, they nurture it, and they embrace the animal as one of their own. And why wouldn't they?

Dogs are loyal, smart, protective, and down right entertaining.  They are wonderful companions who never talk back or say hateful remarks. Dogs will listen intently to whatever you have to say, and love to spend time with you. Dogs want to play, go for walks,they will follow their owners anywhere if you let them.

So with the holidays approaching or even just for gifts for special occasions like birthdays, why not acknowledge their love for dogs with a special gift that shows that love.

Our Dog Cassie

Anyone for football?
Anyone for football?

Gifts for the Dog

 Whenever I am getting a gift for a dog lover, I always like to get something for the dog as well. Not something extravagant just something simple like, balls, stuffed animals, or Frisbees.

Dogs love anything that rolls, squeaks, makes noise or that has food snacks tucked inside.

So I usually opt for something that I know the dog may love already. Like our dog Cassie If she were to receive anything that has to do with a ball she was happy.  For some reason she was particularly fond of this football that my mom had gotten for her.

She would play with it for hours, and don't be fooled if she did leave it, she knew exactly where it was at all times.

Great Gifts for the Dog Lover

 When you want to get a gift for a dog lover, a great gift is anything that expresses their love for their dog.

That's why I love the I love my (dog), t-shirts. They have a t-shirt for just about every breed of dog there is.

Even for those who don't particularly wear casual t-shirts, will love these t-shirts to wear on a lazy Saturday morning when they are out walking their dog. And they love it when people notice their shirt and makes comments like, "I have a German shepherd too." Then they get a whole conversation on their dogs, why the love them, and what makes them special.

More Cool Gifts

There is just about anything imaginable that one can get a dog lover for a gift. There are coffee mugs, door mats, yard signs, almost anything you can think of.

If you have a dog lover with a variety of dogs, or are just a overall dog lover, there are great t-shirts and gifts that show that as well.

And Books about their special breed, are always nice to receive.

Dog lovers also love to read the Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers books. They have heartwarming stories about dogs, and their great companionship and heroic moments that have transpired between man and dog.

There are even great jewelry gifts, like pendants, necklaces, and pins.

Dog lovers also enjoy keychains, with their special breed.

So there are so many great gift ideas for dog lovers, that they will enjoy.

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sunnymarie profile image

sunnymarie 6 years ago

Nice! Thanks for sharing

Diane Inside profile image

Diane Inside 6 years ago Author

Thanks bill and Annie for stopping by and leaving a comment, we all love our pets don't we, hope you have a happy and safe holiday season.

Annie 6 years ago

We have 3 dogs and for christmas I have bought a t-shirt for my 2 daughters (aged 5 and 7) with one of our dogs on...they love it and it's a fantastic way for them to share their love of dogs with their friends....

Diane Inside profile image

Diane Inside 6 years ago Author

Hey Steven, Thanks I really missed talking to you and to others on hubpages as well, I will try to come back as often as possible. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season also okay.

Yours Truly


Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 6 years ago

Same here Diane. Hubpages wasn't the same without you, as I know I speak for a lot of people on here, when I say you were missed. Anyways, I'm glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving. You be sure to take care okay.

Yours Truly,


Diane Inside profile image

Diane Inside 6 years ago Author

Hi Steven, I am glad you enjoyed reading this, I love dogs although I myself do not have one anymore either. I hope your brother and his fiance find it useful. Glad to see you, and I hope to talk to you real soon.

Yours Truly


@Denise, I love that you stopped by and thanks for the positive comments, I really appreciate it.

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 6 years ago

Very nice hub, Diane. I really enjoyed reading this. Although I don't have a dog anymore, I'll be sure to send a link of this hub over to my brother and his fiance, as I'm sure they can use this for gift ideas for their weener dog Autumn for christmas. Thanks again for the great advice me lady. :)

Yours Truly,


Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

Nice job for the dog lovers. Great suggestions.

Diane Inside profile image

Diane Inside 6 years ago Author

Thanks Transcribbler, (Hi, Rusty) I think you both rescued each other. The beautiful thing about dogs is that even though they have had bad things happen to them, they can come out of it just as loyal as ever and be wonderful companions. Hope you find what you need for the Lab and tell him Happy Birthday for me.

profile image

TransScribbler 6 years ago

Hi Diane!

Thanks for another great Hub. I have just read it to my Labrador cross, Rusty (okay Rusty, I will say hello for you too!)

You have some great gift ideas for two and four legged Hubbers. I can not bring anything home from town without Rusty wanting to sniff and look in every bag, just in case there is something for him hidden in one. Nine times out of ten, there is.

Of course the greatest gift that I have received as dog lover, is Rusty. We have been together for a year this month.

He was wandering the streets, boned out and knocking over bins (trash cans?) for food. Rusty had been abused and beaten by his previous male owner. I know it was a "man", as Rusty still likes trying to get his teeth on any male that comes near either of us. Luckily, he and my partner fell for each other instantly.

As my life has not been much easier than Rusty's has at times, I can not honestly tell you who rescued whom.

It saddens me that people can treat any living creature that way.

If pictures could be posted on comments, I would add one of my beautiful boy, Rusty.

Thanks again, Diane. Back to looking for a birthday gift for a three year old Lab X!

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