Libya the new battle ground for hypocritical democracy

Is it OIL or other motives?
Is it OIL or other motives?

You have probably been following the international news, recently dominated by the so called Islamic awakening or as the West puts it democratic aspirations of the population of the Middle East and North Africa. The Middle East which the West has been so good at keeping subjugated through proxy and by using divide and conquer tactics for decades. Thankfully the subjugated peoples of the mainly Muslim world have decided to take matters into their own hand and ask for change.

Little did they know that the change or freedom from tyranny they seek will lead to civil disturbances and political ramifications for their own countries, but going by historical measures no freedom was ever achieved without some bloodshed.

The most recent of those hot-beds of uprising against oppression is Libya. The people of that country have tried before and their aspirations o freedom was quashed by their despotic leader Gaddafi. This time round though, the people of Libya are not going to give in to the ruthless nature of Gaddafi’s regime.

Now you know where Libya is?
Now you know where Libya is?

Where and what is Libya?

Libya is a Muslim country in the region of Northern Africa. It is on the border of the Mediterranean Sea which is to the north and Egypt to the east of Libya, Libya borders Sudan to the south east, and Algeria, Tunisia to the west.

Being the 17th largest country in the world with a total population of 6.4 million people it is a country to be taken notice of, and if it had a good government in power it may be a very powerful player in the World scene. Due to the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi (as he likes to call himself), Libya has not prospered s it normally would have done, since it is very rich in oil reserves.

Libya has large oil reserves and in comparison to its size Libya has a low population. Libya is one of the world's 10 richest oil-producing countries. If only the wealth generated by oil exports was used for the good of Libyan people it may have developed into a very modern and influential country in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Gaddafi with his best mates

The man..lost his direction in life.
The man..lost his direction in life.
Best Mates at one time.
Best Mates at one time.
Boy do we look good together.
Boy do we look good together.
Sir Gaddafi...we Americans are ready to help you.
Sir Gaddafi...we Americans are ready to help you.
Well...Mr Putin, what can you offer that USA and UK aren't able to?
Well...Mr Putin, what can you offer that USA and UK aren't able to?
So Mr Obama - sir whats the next command
So Mr Obama - sir whats the next command
Sir Cozy... not now we'll meet later in the Hotel Room.
Sir Cozy... not now we'll meet later in the Hotel Room.

Who is Gaddafi?

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi orcommonly referred to as Colonel Gaddafi, has been the leader of Libya since his military coup in 1969 where he and his henchmen overthrew King Idris of Libya. Colonel Gaddafi with his men established the Libyan Arab Republic.

As a leader Muammar Gaddafi has been in power for 42 years in Libya making him one of the longest-serving rulers in history. If only he had used his power for the benefit of his people, he may have been considered as one of the best leaders, but that is not be, hence the current uprising in Libya.

Take a look at leader Muammar Gaddafi in his best photos, some even show him with his best mates. The dictator who's friends change sides like the typical British weather.

Liberation or Covert Occupation

The whole process of getting UN mandate and all the political shenanigans is always amazing. But what fascinates me is the way in which the whole Western alliance, get together when it comes to dictating or interfering in a Muslim country especially when it has huge oil reserve.

But the same morally upright, freedom loving politicians of the Western countries are equally relaxed and unenthusiastic if not more so when it comes to imposing similar actions on countries which are not predominantly Muslim, take for example the war on Palestinian people living in the open air prison in Gaza, no one took any action against the Zionist regime of Israel for the illegal war that they acted out on the innocent residents of Gaza. No Western politician lifted a finger to say STOP this atrocity and yet these very same people now impose military intervention on Libya.

Why do they not take the same action on Bahrain, Saudi Arabia or Israel? Surely world justice should be same for everyone irrespective of their race, religion, gender, money, or how high they jump each time you command even if that means mistreating their own people.

Can we really trust the motives of the UN and those countries taking part in the so called no-fly zone initiative and is that the only thing they will do – can we trust them especially after the lies given before and during Iraq issues.

Delusion is the trait of a mad man.

Take this for an example:

In 1969, a small group of junior military officers led by Gaddafi staged a bloodless coup d'état against King Idris of Libya, they abolished the monarchy and established the new Libyan Arab Republic.

A typical British plan was organised by David Stirling to use mercenaries or alternatively considered SAS or the American version the CIA to restore the monarchy after he was approached by a member of the royal family. The mercenaries were to free 150 political prisoners from Tripoli jail as an initiative to propel a general uprising. Stirling was fairly confident that the plan was achievable and politically acceptable but he was warned off at a late stage by the British Secret Intelligence Service, allegedly because the United States Government felt that Gaddafi was sufficiently anti-Marxist to be worth protecting.

Although the above is a true historical fact, why is that we are so quick to adopt the mentality of ‘my enemies, enemy is my friend’ even if it goes against our own principles and truth and moral character. By doing such acts our governments are only storing up hatred and resentment from those people who are subjugated by puppets our governments support and maintain to push the status quo.

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