Please help! I was told I don't qualify for FED ED because I worked a 2.5 week temp assignment...

and they made me file a regular claim back in April. I was told after the money was used from the claim I would go back to whatever extension I was on and things would continue as normal. Now all of a sudden I am being told I don't qualify! How can they deny me FED ED based on a 2.5 week temp assignment! I have been unemployed for 2 years now and if they don't give me FED ED I will be on the streets! It sounds like some kind of scam or something. They make you file a regular claim, tell you after it's done you go back to your extension and then use the claim to deny you benefits. The el

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Jillian Barclay says

6 years ago
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kickinit says

5 years ago
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justom says

6 years ago
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