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My boyfriend is abit reluctant to move in and I think it has alot to do with his mother and his dog

im not a big dog person so he decided he would leave his dog with his mother. but now his mother is complaining she can't afford the rent on her own if he moves out. which I think puts alot of pressure on him. he's happy to stay at my house most of the time, most nights. but seems to come and go as he chooses which leaves me feeling used and took for granted. he's now saying that he wants us to get a house together, so it's OUR house rather than him moving in my house. why is this such as big deal? I am 35 and I have 2 children and he is 27 and no children , just his dog. pls help.

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Sheila Lee says

4 years ago
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pawlaaaa says

5 years ago
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