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Have women sacrificed chivalry for civil liberty?

Is there a happy medium between gender equality and traditional romantic ettiquette, or is chivalry unrealistic this day in age?

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lburmaster says

4 years ago
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    Dr Billy Kidd 4 years ago

    The picture is all too typical, also. It reminds me of bycles built for two. The big guy always sits in front blocking the smaller woman's view from the rear. Same on the back of motorcycles--what a stupid place to ride.

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dashingscorpio says

4 years ago
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  • Innuentendre profile image

    Innuentendre 4 years ago

    Outstanding dashingpro.. Scientific and romantic perspective!I'm no historian but I imagine chivalry was created when women were considered to be less than men. A fossil of a crutch or simple courtesy?


Starmom41 says

4 years ago
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