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Is chivalry truly dead, or is it still a factor when perusing the modern women?

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    Jay Cameronposted 21 months ago

    Is chivalry truly dead, or is it still a factor when perusing the modern women?

  2. BrandiYeargain profile image78
    BrandiYeargainposted 21 months ago

    You know when men walk in front of me and "accidentally" slam a door in my face instead of holding it open for me I assume chivalry is dead. It makes me sad to say that but I do. Then you have men like my husband who open doors and push your chair in and I have to say it depends on the man. I feel like a lot of things made the world this way. For one the women who went around complaining when a man had the nerve to open a door for her like she couldn't do it herself. She just happened to be so closed minded that she didn't realize it was manners! Then there is the man who has no manners or has given up on them because of the woman i described above.

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    dashingscorpioposted 21 months ago


    Historically chivalry wasn't only used to pursue women. It was a (normal behavioral trait) that "gentlemen" demonstrated when encountering (all women) regardless of their romantic interest.
    Today however chivalry is generally reserved only for specific women a man is physically attracted or romantically interested.
    The more attractive a woman is the more chivalry she will witness.
    Note: There are also some women who resent acts of chivalry that are designed to make them feel obligated to engage in conversation or have to say "thank you" to someone (they) have no interest in.
    These women tend to view such actions as a manipulative ruse.
    These days a lot of people reserve their smiles and acts of kindness only for those people they either know well or find attractive.
    Chivalry isn't dead it's just used "discriminately".

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    mbtrooperposted 18 months ago

    Chivalry is not dead, but there are a lot of men (and women) who were never taught manners.

    I was raised to hold doors open for women and my elders, to be a gentleman, and to treat a woman like a lady.  There have been times when I have opened the door at a store and held it open for a woman only to have them bite my head off saying something like, "just because I'm female you don't think I can get my own door?" or "I can get it myself!"

    Other times, I've gotten looked at like I was Jack the Ripper.

    The sad thing is that I have gotten those reactions far more than I've gotten a "thank you."

    One lady yelled at me for being a "sexist pig" for holding the door for her. I responded, "I'm sorry, my parents always taught me to be a gentleman in the presence of a lady. I was mistaken, you obviously are no lady," and walked away.

    Ladies, if you want guys to act like a gentleman, then also act like a lady. I'm not saying this as in being submissive or otherwise, but rather, men and women need to know manners.