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What's The Best Way To Deal With A Crush?

What's the best way to deal with a crush? Especially a new friend to whom you find yourself growing attached to? What's the best course of action??

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Best Answer Danwe says

4 years ago
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Cristale says

4 years ago
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    squarestudios 4 years ago

    Crush it.

    Attachment leads to unhealthy cravings for acceptance.

    You should pave your own path- and pave it wide enough for those who you want with you on your journey. If they don't want to walk your path, then it wasn't meant to be.

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Countless Ways To Deal With A Crush

4 years ago
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    A.E. Williams (CrazedNovelist) 4 years ago

    Thanks De Cross. That really helped me a lot!! :) Was not expecting an entire hub as answer, but that definitely makes it the best. See you around the hubs!

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squarestudios says

4 years ago
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