Need help with my confidence and if this girl wants to go out with me

ok heres the deal, i met this girl over the summer but she was already in a relationship, since september shes been single, and ive gradually been hanging out with her but im crushing on her and i become very quiet with girls i like. the highlight of this was i stayed over her house and i slept with her, nothing sexual besides cuddling. but lately some guy has been hitting on her but she said shes not into him. but i feel my chance at being with her is falling away. can someone tell me what to do to get her with me. because i actually like her, shes always on my mind

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StricktlyDating says

7 years ago
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Barbara Radisavljevic (WannaB Writer) says

5 years ago
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MysticLingerie says

7 years ago
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