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Do you believe commitment comes before marriage?

Many people say "marriage is commitment" but I wonder how many folks would get married to someone whom they felt was not already committed to them! Very few people I imagine would give the "green light" for their boyfriend or girlfriend to date or have sex with others simply because (they're not married). Are the expectations one has for a mate in an "exclusive relationship" all that different from what one has in a marriage? Does commitment come before the marriage or do you believe only after marriage there is commitment? Does no rings mean no strings? Is there cheating without commitment?

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Tim Mitchell (tsmog) says

18 months ago
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    dashingscorpio 18 months ago

    I agree Tim.

    And yet some men truly believe they can fool around with several women up until the night before they get married. Once they put that ring on the commitment (begins). If there's no commitment before the ring there won't be one after

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Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) says

18 months ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 18 months ago

    Meant to say decrees, not decries, typo!

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Gajanan Mundkar (gajanan89) says

17 months ago
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    dashingscorpio 17 months ago

    You say: "Marriage is the commitment to care each other to help each other. This is the commitment with LOVE; not LUST"

    Generally people don't marry unless they feel there is love and a commitment to care for each other. That's BEFORE they marry.

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