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Ladies: Have you ever been the first person to say: "I love you" in a new relationship?

Awhile back there was an article written on this subject which revealed many women are afraid to say "I love you" (first) to men they date. Some feared scaring men away, others feared being taking advantage of if he knew how they felt, and several were afraid of the response or lack of. One woman said she likes to feel "pursued" and believes it's "romantic" when a guy goes out on a limb risking rejection to profess his love first. Do you have an unwritten rule that the (man) has to say "I love you" first? If so, Why? Men: Would it bother you if a woman said it first?

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Ife Orisha says

7 months ago
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    dashingscorpio 7 months ago

    I agree love isn't a game. There is no written rule.

    Have you ever been (the first) to say "I love you"?

    You said if (he) said it first you thought it was more "genuine".

    Maybe there are guys (waiting) who feel the same as you!


peter565 says

7 months ago
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