is it possible for a man to have a heterosexual relationship and wear lingerie or is this a sign of?

my girlfriend is freaked out now that I have told her I need to wear lingerie whenever...she has left me at the moment..I'm not gay but is this fetish a sign of problems that I may bring to the relationship in the future?

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pippap says

7 years ago
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Gr8legs says

6 years ago
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Levertis Steele says

4 years ago
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David R. Jennys (Nolyn) says

6 years ago
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    Levertis Steele 4 years ago


    You said, "Cross dressing is wearing the opposite gender's clothing out in public as a common proactice."

    The difference is that the guy in public has come out of the closet.Guys look like female homosexuals in women's things.