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why is he acting like this?

ok, so me and my ex broke up about 4 weeks ago. and he texted me completely out of the blue and unexpected and he asked why do i give him rude looks when i pass by him and i just said thats just the way i look. and he said ha you never did before. and i said i never looked at you that way before? and he said that i always looked happy and now i look bitc** and give off that bit** vibe. then he asked about my relationship stuff since we broke up cuz on my myspace this guy austin is my the first person on my top so he asked so hows your new bf austin? oh wait thats your ex.

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ailrox says

6 years ago
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jonathanthomas@ms says

6 years ago
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Christi Ann Tonel Espinola (krisingreen) says

5 years ago
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