why is my ex ignoring me and sending weird "prank" texts? (i broke up with him b

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    ailvasharpovaposted 7 years ago

    why is my ex ignoring me and sending weird "prank" texts? (i broke up with him but i still like him)

    he can't even look at me, it's been months since we broke up. we broke up as i though 13 was too young for a serious relationship. i got a text saying "i still like you text back" and didn't even get a chance to reply before i got another text saying sorry that was my friend pranking you. i'm hurt and confused. i didn't break up with him properly or talk to him properly about things. he was heart broken, we've been good friends for years and i do really like him but being in a long term relationship so young scared me.... does he hate me or like me? why is he behaving like this? i miss him sad

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    Nickie E Shanksposted 7 years ago

    At 13 years old you have your WHOLE life ahead of you. I was 13 when I first thought I had fallen in love with a boy. But the truth is that in order for a relationship to work there takes a lot of give and take and a great deal of maturity. Prank texting whether it truly was him or a friend seems to me to be quite immature. Why would anybody allow a friend to prank text anyone. I simply wouldn't. If he did it himself it probably means that he still likes you and just wanted to contact you in some way even if it was rude or senseless. Sometimes boys can be more immature than girls and he probably just didn't know how to talk to you or tell you how he actually feels so he beats around the bush by sending you subtle hints. In grade school boys would sometimes punch or kick or pull hair to get a girls attention.

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    JewelzPinkPonyposted 7 years ago

    Because he is still in love with you:)Your not giving him any attention and he's wondering...mmmm if she's not calling me,then who is she calling?And sometime people don't get over you as fast as you get over them.So don't take it as he hate you...he just miss you that's all.