And so it goes...

  1. paradigmsearch profile image89
    paradigmsearchposted 5 years ago
  2. mega1 profile image80
    mega1posted 5 years ago

    ha!  she doesn't need to worry!  Why do so many people seem to break up around the holidays?  My theory used to be that they do it so they won't have to buy presents. 
    But now I'm not so sure - I think the holidays do really weird stuff to otherwise sane people.  I just finished eating another pound of turkey and now I'm about to lose it all!  (thought you'd like to know)

    1. schoolgirlforreal profile image74
      schoolgirlforrealposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      If you  have a shitty family, the holidays reminds you of what you don't have. and most people want a family, a loving family.
      Or you can spend it with friends.........if you have good ones or feel it's worthwhile....some want to start their own goes on and on.
      Friends are cool. I have friends that go to other friends for the holidays, heck I've had friends with no family to come to mine. smile