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If I did not choose to exist how can I have a free will?

How is there such a thing as free will if I did not choose to come into existence? I did not choose my parents, birth time, location of birth, my physical appearance etc. Even all the choices that I think I make are all based on available resources and information at a given time. Even religion appears predestined, based on time, place and circumstance. So could someone please explain what it means to have a free will.

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Link10103 says

21 months ago
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    dashingscorpio 21 months ago

    Just because God knows what you're going to do doesn't make predetermined for you. He just knows which "choices" you're going to make. :)

    As the Christians love to point out you have the choice to follow God or go to hell. It's still a choice!:)

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dashingscorpio says

21 months ago
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