5 Reasons Why Man City Will Never Win The League

Reason 1

No Experience

City have never been in a position where they have the capability to win the League, so they lack confidence going into the final 10 or so games, whereas in Manchester United they are competing against a team who have collected 4 of the last 5 Premier League titles, reached the Champions League Final for 3 of the last 5 seasons, winning 1, and who have a combined total of more than 70 Premier League titles in their squad.

City cannot compare; only Tevez, Hargreaves, Kolo Toure and Clichy are former winners, and the first two were with Man Utd when they won it!

This lack of experience could prove the difference not just this season, but in the next few years, particularly at the tail end of the season, when the Blue half of Manchester starts to crumble under the pressure while their rivals have the experience to see them through.

Reason 2

No Stability

City's main two rivals to the title, Man United and Arsenal, have managers with a combined 42 years experience and 15 Premier League titles, compared to Roberto Mancini's 3 years and no titles.

United also have players like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, who bring both stability and experience to the team. City don't have anything similar, because they constantly chop and change their squad, and are always bringing in new players which just disrupts the squad.

Another card for Mario
Another card for Mario

Reason 3

Lack Of Discipline

Several times during the 2011-12 season, we have seen Manchester City's poor discipline shine through when things are not going their way, the most notably being the Carlos Tevez incident when he refused to come off the bench to play against Bayern Munich in September, along with several red cards for Mario Balotelli.

All this does is show the other teams in the league that if you get at them they will be riled and start to play worse or even end up getting sent off.

Reason 4

Lack Of Desire

You could question whether City's high-paid players have the same desire to win the league; perhaps they're only interested in the money which they get whatever happens, and so when it comes down to it, teams like United and Arsenal will have the extra desire to push for the little bit extra needed to win the title.

Tevez refusing to come on as a sub
Tevez refusing to come on as a sub

Reason 5

No Team Spirit

Due to the fact that Manchester City's team has been assembled for large amounts of money over a very short period of time, they may not have the team spirit needed to pull together when it's needed.

This has been shown already in the 2011-12 season, again in Carlos Tevez's case where he wasn't willing to come on as a substitute for the team, or against Arsenal, when Mario Balotelli lay injured on the floor and his team-mates walked straight past him.

It is this spirit that has allowed Manchester United to win the title time and time again: even when on paper, their team is not as strong as their rivals, they manage to pull together and come out on top in May.

And The One Reason They Did Win It


Yes, Man City won the Premier League, simply because they have more money than any other team, because of a completely random takeover that could have happened to any team.

How long will it be before Manchester City win the league?

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Balotelli At His Best

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Comments 21 comments

BLue moon 4 years ago

what a dumb writer obviously knows nothing about football nver been to old trafford in his life

Toby 4 years ago


jamiew12310 profile image

jamiew12310 4 years ago Author

stevie mcfc: wow if we have all those problems and yet you only managed to finish a massive 0 points ahead then you can't be too good either?

stevie mc fc 4 years ago

what deluded people you lot are take your rose tinted spectacles of and look at your own team 1. dodgy keeper 2.crippled cente pack.3.dads army midfield 4.one class player.5 no money and up to your eyeballs in debt.SO STEP ASIDE AND LET THE REAL MANCS IN!!

4 years ago

What a thick bitter rag

SpiffyD profile image

SpiffyD 4 years ago from The Caribbean

Hindsight is usually the best. It's easy to gloat and say how misinformed this article was, but at the time, most persons had their money on Manchester United. The beauty of sport is that it has to be decided on the field of play. I'm happy that Man City won in the end, but they almost did not. It came down to a last-gap goal. What made it sweeter was that the result was not a foregone conclusion.

Bobby Manc 4 years ago


Another clueless rag proven wrong.

bitter red 4 years ago


that is all!!!

NO TEAM SPIRIT 4 years ago

ahem............AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, seriously you gave me a good laugh there maybe you next article should be about how united managed to bottle it and give up an 8 point lead with 6 games left which has broken the record which used to be just 1 point, unlucky rag boy

liam 4 years ago


Well you couldn't have been further from the truth.

Misinformed, speculative bullshit.

A true modern day journalist, congratulations.

Got to laugh at 'JBastow' as well.

useless article is useless.

mcfc1 4 years ago

LOL this is embarrassing isnt it you silly rag

big-g 4 years ago

oh dear

#Togetherchampions 4 years ago

How long do we wait for an apology you muppet :-)

#mcfc 4 years ago

Five reason why CITY WON THE LEAGUE






Great article BTW

gh 4 years ago

Whos a silly ragity rag then.. CHAMPIONS !!!

Steve 4 years ago

Whoops ! you're looking like a real DI@K now !

Chris 4 years ago

What you say is true but now with only a few games to go they are close to possibly winning it

JBastow profile image

JBastow 4 years ago from Gateshead United Kingdom

That is a very good point koruskamil and I strongly agree.

Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

Marcy Goodfleisch 4 years ago from Planet Earth

You gave a good analysis of the team and the situation - I learned from the things you wrote! Thanks for the review!

profile image

koruskamil 4 years ago

I think Manchester City has the players who are tactically right for the fight for championship but the players aren't together. They need to be a team and thats the main problem. You cant be champions and have Balotelli yelling during a match at his teammate

JBastow profile image

JBastow 4 years ago from Gateshead United Kingdom

Nice hub and i totally agree with some of the views and points that you have written about. I personally cannot see Man City winning the title anytime soon and this is because their is a lack of desire as well as experience in their team when it is compared to that of Chelsea and Man United. Although i don't believe Chelsea are as good as they used to be i believe that they have more of a chance of winning the league in the future than City as they have players such as Terry,Cech, Lampard and Drogba who have been playing in the Premier League for some time now and have lots of experience. There is no doubt that Manchester Citys team has allot of talent but i don't believe that talent is enough to win the league. Man United have a balance of both experience in the likes of Rooney,Giggs,Scholes and Ferdinand but at the same time have young talent coming through like Phil Jones, De Gea and Welbeck. I believe the experienced characters in the Man United dressing room will have a massive impact on the shaping of the man united youngsters careers as they can pass on their experiences to the youth where as Manchester City don't have any experience like that in their dressing room.

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