How to Delete Your Facebook Account

For whatever reason, you want to delete your Facebook account. It's actually fairly difficult to permanently delete your account. But that's not surprising because Facebook doesn't want you to delete your Facebook account at all. In fact, when you try to, they present you with images of your friends saying how much they will miss you. But if you can manage that intimidation, you will need to deactivate AND delete your account in order to remove it permanently.

To begin, log in to Facebook. Then go to and click submit. Now, you must not log into your account for two weeks. If you do, it will be reactivated and you'll have to start again.

So that seems pretty simple. Why would I say it was difficult? It's because that link is almost impossible to find on Facebook. Most users wind up finding the "deactivate account" link which only deactivates, and doesn't delete, the account. Keep in mind that if you do delete your account, every picture, wall post, and message will be gone forever. So if you're not sure, just deactivate it for now and log in later. To deactivate, go to the "Account" menu and click "Account Settings." From there, click "deactivate account" near the bottom of the page. Click through the menus, and then it will be finished.

Deleting a Facebook account is serious business. If you're concerned about privacy, read one of my many articles about Facebook below.

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Uttam Ray 4 years ago

I want to delete my Facebook account

archana pawR 4 years ago

ple cloze the facebook account

petrabaylor 4 years ago

I want to close facebook cuz I am getting cysts and thinking of doing something wrong please close facebook.

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