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Is there a valid reason for Microsoft changing its formats and layouts with every new edition?

If you look at the changes across the last decade of Microsoft Office Word for example, the creators of the Microsoft programs seem to enjoy changing the formats and layouts of their programs too much. It makes it difficult to remember where the tools you are looking for are placed on each program. It is almost as if the creators of Microsoft products have multiple personality disorder. If I buy an updated version of Microsoft Word, etc, I want the tools in the tool boxes to be exactly where they were last time so I so not need to waste personal and corporate time attempting to refamiliarize.

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andrew savage says

4 years ago
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madelineyochum says

4 years ago
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    andrew savage 4 years ago

    I think Facebook has the potential to make some sort of profit from it, however Windows does not as it is a sure fire way for them to lose their customers. I also dislike whoever is updating their dictionary,

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Mohammed Katz says

4 years ago
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