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When is there a valid reason to cheat?

  1. YeahISaidIt profile image49
    YeahISaidItposted 8 years ago

    When is there a valid reason to cheat?

  2. profile image50
    tinkerbell09posted 8 years ago

    Honestly, there is no valid reason to cheat.  Only the reason or excuse used by the person who cheated to justify why they did it, right or wrong.

  3. Queen_Kevyn95 profile image52
    Queen_Kevyn95posted 8 years ago

    there is never a valid reason to cheat, that would defeat the definition of cheating.
    if you want more than one woman, tough luck, because once you get that reputation the only women you'll be getting are... well, prostitutes... and we wouldn't want to waste cash in this crap economy.
    my advice to you? if you're in a relationship that you like, stay in it.  if you want to cheat, end it, and get with that girl.  but NO cheating.  the consequences aren't worth it in the end.  and if you're having second thoughts like that about the relationship you're in, you're just not worth that girls time!!
    no one deserves that, i doubt you'd appreciate it much, either.

  4. Moonchild60 profile image81
    Moonchild60posted 8 years ago

    A Valid reason to cheat?  There are reasons, bad marriage, unhappy, wife  is a bitch, husband is an ass...list goes on and on....people cheat for a reason in most cases but I am not sure one can say weather they are valid or invalid, they just are.  If someone is cheating then something is clearly wrong in the marriage/relationship.  OR there is something in that person that compels them to cheat.  I cheated all the time.  I cheated on everyone I ever went out with.  I just didn't like being monogomous.  However, married twice and never cheated on my husbands.  Marriage is a commitment I made.  Not the same as dating.  I never promised those guys anything.

  5. xiao_kang profile image55
    xiao_kangposted 8 years ago

    Again, there are no valid reasons to cheat. If you respect a person but have other desires be man enough to say it up front. Let your partner know what you intend to do, then it's no longer cheating.
    Please be man enough to not cheat and if you wanna get it else where let her/him know. you might be surprised. If presented in the right way you might find yourself with the cake and be able to eat it too. Maybe he/she will be ok with a little extracuriccular fun, 3 ways, swinging...the list goes on. We're just talking about sex here. It's possible to maintain a relationship under those circumstances, it just takes honesty and cooperation.
    Don't be a loser by cheating. It makes the world an ugly place.