Do you remember the first thing you ever did on the Internet?

  1. janesix profile image59
    janesixposted 23 months ago

    This is for older people who didn't grow up with the Internet. What's the first thing you ever did online?

    I remember after I got my first computer and the Internet, I immediately looked for a book I had been looking for in used bookstores for years that was out of print, called "Courtship Rite" by Donald Kingsbury. I found it within a couple minutes on Ebay.

    And do you remember that aweful sound of dial-up? I loved that horrible sound for some reason.

  2. luvly4luv profile image82
    luvly4luvposted 23 months ago

    Yeah I still did remember! Mine was in 2006 and immediately I opened the internet explorer, the first thing I did was to go to