iPhone Battery Life Tips

iPhone Battery Life

After purchasing my new iPhone 3gs, I found out quickly how fast the battery life is shortened from all the cool apps available.

The iPhone is cool, and especially adding new apps to it make it even more useful as a day to day tool needed. Everyday new apps are added, and sometimes you find that perfect app. However, the more apps and the more robust these apps are, the more battery usage is needed.

Here are a few tips that could save your some battery life on your iPhone.

Some Battery Saving Techniques:

The Screen brightness can cause battery life shortness.
Reduce the brightness by going into Settings, then Brightness and adjust the slider. I have placed my about 45-50%

Reduce the Auto-Lock time. If your iPhone Auto-Locks, it also blanks the screen, which saves power. Go into Settings, then General, then Auto-Lock to adjust it to ON.

The bluetooth functionality adds a significant battery loss. If you do not use it, turn it off.

To turn Bluetooth off, go into Settings, then General, and Bluetooth, and tap the On/Off switch to OFF.

Email Accounts:
Make sure email push option is turned off, and limit the number of email accounts you use on the iPhone.

Go to Settings, Fetch New Data, and turn Push to Off and Fetch to Manually.

You don't need to keep searching for networks while you are using an internet application.
Go to Settings, select Wi-Fi and turn it off.

Based on the availiablity of transmitters near by, keeping a 3G connection can drain the battery. If you switch 3G off, you data access will be slower in downloading. However the battery will last longer.
To turn 3G off, go into Settings, then General, then Network, and tap on the ON/Off .

The Equalization function enhances certain key frequencies to certain types of music. It also requires a lot of processing power. To turn it off, go to Settings,iPod and set EQ off.

Make sure you turn off your applications before locking your iPhone. Press the Home button before locking.

Need To Make A Call:
If you do not have a charger with you. Maybe on a trip or just left it at home or in the car.
You can save battery life by reducing Applications, Games and the iPod useage.

Maybe You Just Need The iPod:
No phone needed, just want to listen to music. Maybe at the gym, or on the plane.
Place the iPhone in Airplane Mode. This will stop all power consuming features. Turn off the Wi-Fi, and save even more battery life for your ipod.

These tips can save you some battery life. However, be prepared. Always have a car charger, and extra usb charging cable while at work, so you can keep your iPhone charged.

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rotl profile image

rotl 6 years ago from Florida

Nice tips... I'll try them. My iPhone is dying too quickly it seems.

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