iPhone and iPad Apps for Business Professionals

iPhone for Business Professionals

iPhone and iPad Business Applications

The iPhone and iPad are great tools for all kinds of business professionals and business consultants and there are many different applications that can improve a business person's daily routine by starting to leverage the great apps out there for the iPhone.

Evernote - Quick Note Taking iPhone App

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Evernote - Excellent iPhone Application for Business People

Evernote is an excellent business application on the iPhone that allows you to easily store basic information and notes that you need to take while out during your day. Evernote is very simple to use. Upon opening the application you will be promompted to select which type of basic note you wish to record.

Some of the options include:

A simple text message, you enter your note, any pertinent tags, a client name, a type of service whatever and a name for the note and it will be saved to your account.

A picture, either from the iPhones camera roll or by actually opening up the iPhone camera app, taking a picture and adding it to your Evernote folder. Again simple tagging and naming allows you to retrieve notes faster later when you need them.

Another cool feature from Evernote is the capability to record voice messages for yourself and then also tag them. This tool when opened has a self built in voice recording app that will start when you press the button and you can speak your message for yourself later. This is great for driving when you cant type out a message or reminder note for yourself.

Google Mobile App - Full Business Suite of Applications

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Business News Bloomberg iPhone Application

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iPhone for Business News

The iPhone and iPad are a great devices for consuming information through financial news apps. Apps such as the application provided by Bloomberg not only provides great rss feeds of current up to date business news and information, but also provides interactive tools for investors to monitor their favorite stocks throughout the day. The Bloomberg news tool is very customizable and updated throughout the day as new items are published during the regular news cycle. You can select specific industries, countries, and specific trends to receive news about in your feed.

You can also enter in specific stock markets you want in your quick look markets tab as well as individual stocks can be loaded into the app so that you can see the changes as the day progresses all from your app.

Wire Frame Ideas with Blueprint

Many entrepreneurs are taking their chances in app stores and building their ideas and companies as mobile apps. One of the most important steps that needs to be done in the early development of an app idea is to wire frame all of the screens. This is a process that identifies every single view that a user may encounter when utilizing the app. This is a step that many first timers fail to do, especially business professionals that do not have a technical background and our interested in building an application. The wire frame needs to be very detailed and the more information that is included during this process the higher chance of success, when a software developer starts to code. Many people prefer to just draw the app frames out screen by screen by hand, but there are some cool tools available that are affordable and provide a deeper experience to the mocked up design.

Assumptions are one of the biggest killers from idea to product completion and a proper wire frame eliminates the ability for a developer to not know what to do and make an assumption based off the goal of the application. The best mobile wire frame tool an iPad app is called Blueprint. There is a free "lite" version of the app and the full version costs $20, but is well worth the investment, if you are serious about building out an app idea and having it developed.

Using a wire frame tool allows individuals to fully think out their concept prior to spending significant resources getting it created. Check out Blueprint before

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Aleister888 6 years ago

Wow, what a great hub, i just purchased an iPhone this weekend, so this has been really useful for me, great content and great writing style...

Keep up the great work!

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adrian9177 6 years ago

wow great article. i'll recommend this to my friend, she has an iPad. thank you

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nyleinnad 6 years ago

It will be easier to do online marketing. Smart phones can now be used to promote businesses!

arcy 6 years ago

many programmers now are still developing and making application to help business entrepreneur this is a great article this make people aware in doing your business in mobile phones.

richwin831 profile image

richwin831 6 years ago from Pagadian City, Philippines

Nice article. Great business applications lead to a better business economy.

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gekbel 6 years ago

There are lots of different applications, mobiles and whatever technology could offer today. But for sure iPhones and iPad would really help business people to keep track of their schedules and other stuff. Another great article. :)

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nicolekitch 6 years ago

Great idea. Must have one for that while you are away from the office but still u can give instructions and updates of your business.

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cococlick 6 years ago

great article. this applications can keep my business on track through the use of my iPhone. this is a great application.

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mayanne23 6 years ago

great application! This would be very useful to the business.

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jans26 6 years ago from New Zealand

modern technology is always good for businesses.

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haroldiempire 6 years ago from Iligan City

Nice technology, its really a big help for busy business persons, can save time and energy.!

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dennise_toledo 6 years ago

Awesome technology. It will make business transactions faster and easier.

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wimbly22 6 years ago

You can't go wrong with dealing business using modern technology. Awesome!

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dave1887 6 years ago

The iPhone and iPad are a great devices for consuming information including business news. Great!

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eddys80 6 years ago from United States


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reynm 6 years ago

i just love these cool gadgets!

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mooky9 6 years ago from Manila

Great advance in technology of business!

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marie_iyakin 6 years ago

I don't own an iPhone at the moment but after reading this article, i found out that it is very helpful for my business.

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iamjewel1925 6 years ago

this new tech has been a useful tool for everyday activities! mine is my ultimate buddy! =)

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mar8fejie 5 years ago

Now I am convinced that iPhone has more to offer!Very useful applications for business.

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chloverel 5 years ago

Wonderful idea it gives more help for business..thanks

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madelyn123 5 years ago

Nice article !I am planning to buy an ipad now. Because this article feels me interesting.

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Peter Owen 5 years ago from West Hempstead, NY

Good stuff.

And thx for following me.

philipp 5 years ago

it's true that online business can be easier because there's a lot of advantages only using an iPhone for this.

Best business apps 4 years ago

Very good post, I was really searching for this topic as I wanted this topic to understand completely and it is also very rare in internet that is why it was very difficult to understand.

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