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  • Time To Choose Words To Live By

    Time To Choose Words To Live By

    3 years ago

    We live our lives by a philosophy, whether we realize it or not. In this collection of quotes, I've borrowed from several current and past sources to suggest adopting a philosophy for living.

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    5 Must-See Humphrey Bogart Movies

    2 years ago

    These are my top five Humphrey Bogart films from the at least 80 movies he starred in. All of my movie choices are from the 1940's. The writers, directors, stories and co-stars have each played a part in my choices.

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    "On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft" by Stephen King - A Book Review

    15 months ago

    Stephen King tells us his personal story in his book "On Writing" and describes "how I came to this craft, what I know about it now, and how it’s done.” I've added my thoughts on the first 101 pages.

  • Choose Between War and Faith

    Choose Between War and Faith

    3 years ago

    Reconciling one's faith with the state of world affairs is a challenge for us all. One Christian man reveals the feelings that led him to his decision to go to war and shares a poem written for him.

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    Poetry Basics

    3 years ago

    A poet finds his inspiration from many source. Creating a poem that inspires the reader is the challenge. I present poetry writing basics to motivate both the poet and reader.

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    Writing Haiku - Try It Now!

    2 years ago

    Traditional haiku is written with 5-7-5 syllables in 3 lines. This article describes my efforts at composing haiku, a definition of haiku, and examples by Basho, Richard Wright and me. Enjoy!

  • What Makes Novels Great

    What Makes Novels Great

    2 years ago

    Reading and selecting The 100 Greatest Novels of All Time is an exciting exercise in literary criticism. My Top Ten Greatest Novels are listed and a discussion of the criteria for their selection.

  • Kill Time

    Kill Time

    4 years ago

    This vignette captures a moment in time for a young man caught in his personal doldrums. Unable to find work for the first time in his life, he struggles to kill time. Follow our hero through his day.

  • A Jesus Freak

    A Jesus Freak

    8 months ago

    This story presents A Picture of a Jesus Freak. One young man began believing in Jesus Christ and was able to continue following Him, despite the prophecy of an unbelieving friend.

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    I Dare You to Read a Poem to a Girl

    3 years ago

    Tips for reading a poem to a girl are what every guy needs at some point in his life. Romance is important to us all! These sixteen tips will help a guy read poetry to a girl successfully.

  • Poet's Inspiration

    Poet's Inspiration

    4 years ago

    The Poet's Inspiration can be from many influences. "Summer Musings' presents the images, sounds and creatures of summer poetry. Nature's effect on the poet through poems is described.

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    Short Guide to George Washington

    4 months ago

    George Washington was the first President of the United States. He served as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. He helped a fledgling country become the greatest democracy in history.

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    How World Religions Pray to God

    3 years ago

    How to Pray to a Deity describes the postures and rituals surrounding this practice. Worship for Judasim, Catholicism and Islam is disscussed. Prayer is common to all worshippers in every religion.

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    Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 2020: Top 3 Tourist Sites

    2 years ago

    The Three Best Tourist Sites to visit in Pittsburgh, PA are: The Point, Mount Washington and The Carnegie Science Center. Experience some of the finest attractions Pittsburgh has to offer.

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    Treasure by the Sea

    8 months ago

    Relationships begin in different ways. For his couple, love found them by the sea. This story and poem is about a man finding love and treasure by the sea.

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    The Civic Arena - Pittsburgh, PA

    14 months ago

    The Civic Arena has it's place in Pittsburgh's history. It served as a premier entertainment venue for almost 50 years. I present a nostalgic tribute to The Civic Arena (aka Mellon Arena).

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    Gordon W. Allport's Trait Theory & Cardinal Traits

    15 months ago

    Gordon W. Allport's Trait Theory includes the concept of Cardinal Traits. This is the dominant characteristic that controls personality. Themes, use and application are presented.

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    10 Ways to Demoralize Your Employees

    15 months ago

    A corporate culture that doesn't motivate employees can mean death to an organization. This tongue-in-cheek look at 10 ways to demoralize your employees describes how things are done in some businesses.

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    Romance of Hearts: Love Poems

    4 years ago

    Love poetry moves our hearts, moves our souls, in any language. On Valentine's Day we celebrate our romantic hearts' impulses. These three poems are shared with love.

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    How To Be A Baseball Hero

    3 years ago

    Baseball can me an exciting game! The pitch, catch, hit or run! Our hero plays an important role in this story of America's favorite past-time and experiences something every ballplayer has dreams of!

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    Everyday Is Valentine's Day: Romantic Poems

    13 months ago

    Romantic poetry inspires us all to be loving in our relationships. For Valentine's Day, I share these poems of love for you. Everyone loves a lover! With Love.

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    Keep 2023 New Year's Resolutions

    15 months ago

    New Year's Resolution's are easier to make than keep! Connecting goals and values make it easier to change vexing habits, improve your health and relationships. You CAN keep your promises to yourself!

  • The Surprising Story of the Little Blue Mime

    The Surprising Story of the Little Blue Mime

    3 years ago

    A family of blue mimes lived near the edge of a river and tended an apple orchard and small farm. The little boy mime has an adventure that might surprise and encourage you!

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    5 Best Holiday Christmas Songs - Animated Specials

    3 years ago

    These are my top five Christmas songs from cartoons or animated specials. Listening to them takes me back to the simpler, innocent days of childhood.

  • 23

    5 Must-See Classic Christmas Movies

    19 months ago

    This time of year, we celebrate the spirit of Christmas. These special classic movies help us remember the reason for the season and present the spirit of Christmas uniquely and profoundly!

  • Fear Of Being Robbed - Harpaxophobia

    Fear Of Being Robbed - Harpaxophobia

    3 years ago

    Phobias are often uncontrollable and irrational. Harpaxophobia is the fear of being robbed. Our character lives in a solitary world, alone and safe. Locked away with his fears, he awaits for the One.

  • Every Boy's Dream of a Kiss

    Every Boy's Dream of a Kiss

    2 years ago

    It's exciting to try to make our romantic dreams come true. Our plans don't always end the way we expect. Sometimes life intervenes as our romantic hero discovered 'how to kiss' on one sunny day!

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    A Marriage Poem to Start Again

    3 years ago

    Marriages have periods of ebb and flow. We try to "perfect" each other. This leads to struggles that are common, ordinary, and possibly necessary to survive. This poem is about love and compromise.

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    A Child Finds the Nativity of Christ

    3 years ago

    Christmas is a time of wonder--like it was for this toddler. Reverence and silent worship marked his heartfelt response to the Nativity of Christ. He was able to find Christ in Christmas.

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    A Poem: Remembering My Friend Charleen

    2 years ago

    This poem is written in memory of my friend Charleen, a caring, loving person. Admired and respected by all, she was always ready with a smile and kind word. Praying and singing is how I remember her.


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