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    Why Plans Fail and What to Do About It.

    7 weeks ago

  • 2

    No Room For Excuse

    2 years ago

    We each have equal opportunities for succeeding in life. No one is disadvantaged, even though it does not readily appear so. To those who think it unfair, the question asked is, compared to what? The tangible things we might not have been compensated for by intangibles, e.g. drive, hunger, etc.

  • The Law of Compensation

    The Law of Compensation

    3 years ago

    This is numbered as six (6) amongst the popular twelve (12) laws of the universe. These are laws, not principles, theories nor rules. Laws ALWAYS hold true, irrespective of TIME, and or CIRCUMSTANCE. Law Number 6 parallels the Law of "cause and effect" and Law of "sowing and reaping."

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    Goodbye June! 2020

    2 years ago

    A moment in time of my life, captured by the month of June 2020. The summary of the month, in the face of my pilgrimage through life, as a whole. Self-education in the school of life, and application in the marketplace.

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    The Wisdom of the Ant (Part One)

    3 years ago

    Seemingly hidden, yet so boldly conspicuous are the handwritings of the Creator in His creation. The invisible is made visible in beauty of the created. How so much wisdom we can glean from the ant. Its tireless arduousness to duty. Its glorious achievement in spite of its size, and so much more.

  • Thinking Capacity = Wealth

    Thinking Capacity = Wealth

    3 years ago

    Wealth creation is so tightly connected to our ability to think and create solutions to human problems and challenges. This is the genesis of wealth creation and management. It is tightly connected to our ability to differentiate ourselves by the process of thought.

  • Teach Children to Think

    Teach Children to Think

    3 years ago

  • A Prosperous Living

    A Prosperous Living

    3 years ago

    He that believes will not make haste. He lives according to the spirit of life, in Christ Jesus, our tested cornerstone, our sure foundation. He lives from the place of rest, not anxiety. He contends, by faith, for his rest. That is the place of his power and strength. This is living in prosperity.

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    Created Differently

    3 years ago

    Men and women are created differently. Figuratively they could be said to come from two different planets. Men from Mars, and women from Venus. Challenges in the marriage relationship often originate when one party seeks to enforce the rules from their own planet on the other.

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    Proudly Human

    3 years ago

    Being humans means we are each susceptible to making mistakes. None of us is perfect. Yes, perfection is what we seek, but the reality is excellence is all we get with a whole lot of bumps along the way. Bumps are not meant to be show stoppers, but rather a reminder of our humanity.

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    Sacred and Living Sacrifice

    3 years ago

    This is the disposition of our hearts as we offer a "genuine" expression of our worship to God. The Father seeks true worshippers, those who will worship Him from the deep recess of their being, not limited by time, nor place; circumstances nor situations.

  • Marriage Will Change You

    Marriage Will Change You

    3 years ago

    Marriage is a transition from an independent to an inter-dependent relationship and person. It is the bringing of two people to a "small place" where everything is magnified. It calls for maturity from the couple to accept, embrace and use the changes, rather than fight them.

  • Transparency and Vulnerability

    Transparency and Vulnerability

    3 years ago

    "The two were naked and not ashamed." That is the sum total of what marriage is, from its ordination. There is no coming together of two without first a nakedness and an acceptance. Where there is no naked, without shame, there cannot be a tying of two souls together.


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