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I am Generation X persona and a teacher at heart. My major drive is to help people achieve the fullness of what life has to offer. Changed lives are what gets and keep my motors running. This is part of a commitment made in 1985. It was the aftermath of a two-year period of confusion and lack of understanding, with no one to break things down for me. I made a commitment to help bring light to others. Hence, you will not find me using too many big words. I’m all about breaking it down to its minutest detail. Welcome to my world.

My goal in life is to be the highest and best expression of all God has made me to be. I like to rock the boat. Status quo is not good enough. Things can always get better. There are things that can change, and there are things that cannot change. Knowing the difference is wisdom. There are things that can change, but should not change. There are things that can change, and should change. Knowing the difference is duty.

Contending for the things that should not change, motivating, causing and influencing the things that should change are my life goal and thrust.

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