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Hi, everyone! I'm Amy and I wear many hats. I'm a blogger, freelance writer, poet, webmaster, mom, mental health care rights advocate, and many other things I probably don't even think of off the top of my head!

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  • Mental Illness Decoded

    Mental Illness Decoded

    3 years ago

    How much do you know about what mental illness really is what it entails. We have all heard of Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia. What issues create these mental health disorders? What disorders lie in between Bipolar...

  • 4 Human Medical Oddities

    4 Human Medical Oddities

    7 weeks ago

    Sometimes the human body can be a strange place. All its mechanisms serve a purpose, but sometimes biology even makes mistakes. In this lens, I will highlight some of the weird, gross, and well, odd oddities that can...

  • Get Paid for Junk

    Get Paid for Junk

    4 years ago

    Want to find out some easy ways to get your trash hauled off, recycled, or taken off your hands without having to pay? You can actually get some cash for trash as well as get your home storage spaces sparkling clean for...

  • Momento Mori Victorian Death Photographs

    Momento Mori Victorian Death Photographs

    7 weeks ago

    When photography became a new technology that was on the rise, people could then capture memories of both tragic and lovely events in their lifetime. Many chose to commemorate their dead in photos.

  • Inspirational Stories about Abuse and Overcoming the Odds

    Inspirational Stories about Abuse and Overcoming the Odds

    3 years ago

    More people than you can even imagine have been severely abused and mistreated as children, wives, and husbands, partners, and other family and members or relations to other people. There is help and you can survive!...

  • Personality Disorder Breakdown

    Personality Disorder Breakdown

    7 weeks ago

    You may know several sociopaths or antisocial personalities and they may even live upstairs from your, in your house, or next door. Not every sociopath is a serial killer, and every narcissist isn't beautiful. Let's...

  • Gia Carangi - America's First Supermodel

    Gia Carangi - America's First Supermodel

    4 months ago

    Gia Marie Carangi was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 29, 1960. Her young life was cut short November 26, 1986 due to infection with the AIDS virus she had acquired as an IV drug user.

  • Ten Movies to See Before You Die

    Ten Movies to See Before You Die

    3 years ago

    I am sure everyone will get at least one movie great out of this list. I am sharing some inspiring and entertaining movies for me personally, and hope to turn some of you onto them so you can enjoy them just as much as...

  • The Iceman Richard Kuklinski

    The Iceman Richard Kuklinski

    4 years ago

    When we say people are a product of their environment, we aren't kidding. By this, I mean society as a whole. Kids just don't start killing animals for no reason most of the time unless they are sociopaths, a very small...

  • Frontal Lobotomies

    Frontal Lobotomies

    4 years ago

    Clearly, trans-orbital lobotomies were a freak accident in the infancy of modern psychology. Many HUMANS....people, children, women, men, with psychological disorders and personality disorders were deemed unfit, unsafe,...

  • Haunted Asylums of America

    Haunted Asylums of America

    7 weeks ago

    The dawning of a new era began with Kirkbride Buildings, beautifully adorned buildings offering hope for the hopelessly insane, or horrible dungeons with pretty curtains, you tell me!? In these beautiful mansion-like...

  • Dr. Kirkbride Father of Humane Psychology

    Dr. Kirkbride Father of Humane Psychology

    5 months ago

    Being a Quaker may have played a part in the fair treatment of mental health patients. Quakers are humane and tolerant of mentally impaired people as well as people who have mental health problems. They do look at it as...

  • The Female Santa, Bafana!

    The Female Santa, Bafana!

    7 weeks ago

    Bafana, the "The Christmas witch", she's a good witch everyone. Don't be afraid. Bafana had Santa's job before Santa became the present delivery guy on Christmas. Bafana is a figure in Italian folklore. She's a nice old...

  • Astrology Cusps

    Astrology Cusps

    6 years ago

    Some people are born on the border of two zodiac signs. This makes them unique as are all people according to their individual Astrology Natal Chart. It complicates things a bit, but its easily explained here in this...

  • Different Types of Psychic Powers

    Different Types of Psychic Powers

    4 years ago

    There are several different gifts a psychic can receive. A psychic person is somebody who can sense things beyond the five senses. They have a "sixth sense", literally. Many can can feel and absorb energy around them....

  • Relationships and Astrology

    Relationships and Astrology

    4 years ago

    Its not always cut and dried. I know most people at face value just take what they are told by Astrologers and out of textbooks and what they read online and accept it for face, but Astrology is a very complex science,...

  • Frugal Coupon Combining for Freebies

    Frugal Coupon Combining for Freebies

    5 years ago

    Ever wonder how people are always getting free stuff, because they are frugal, and you just don't get it. Its not that hard to get if you know where to go and how to get there! I did an experiment yesterday, redeeming...

  • Get Paid to Recycle

    Get Paid to Recycle

    3 years ago

    Recycling pays in more than just one way. Not only do you not have to continuously pay for trash bags and removal costs, but you are saving the environment, and you can even profit from some rubbish!

  • Test And Keep Free Products - Who's Looking For Product Testers?

    Test And Keep Free Products - Who's Looking For Product Testers?

    4 years ago

    Want to get free products you can keep after testing them from reputable companies? Its easy to do if you know where to look!