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Andrea Marie Kokinda (AndreaKokinda)

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    The Storm King

    11 months ago

    Growing up on the shores of Lake Erie I grew to love the thunderstorms and even find comfort in them. I came up on the poem of a Huron County native from the late 1800s that absolutely amazed me. Poetry of this skill needs to be shared with the world.

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    Lorain Ohio Underground Railroad

    14 months ago

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    Prominent Families of Lorain - End of the 19th Century

    14 months ago

    This article pairs with the previously published "Pre-20th Century Lorain Ohio" and details the prominent families who made their mark on Lorain at the end of the 19th Century.

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    Pre-20th Century Lorain Ohio

    15 months ago

    The journey for Lorain, Ohio has definitely been a tumultuous one, more like a ride on an old wooden roller coaster with no seatbelts! I am going to try to take us as far back as I can and bring us up to modern history of what is currently Lorain. This will likely be a two-part series. Enjoy!

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    Hanukkah Celebration

    16 months ago

    Hannukah will be celebrated from December 18-26, 2022. Historically, the celebration commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem on 25 Kislev, 164 BCE. It has become known as the Festival of Lights due to the lighting of candles on each of the eight nights of the holiday.

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    The History of American Christmas Traditions

    16 months ago

    A family is opening a pile of presents that were left by Santa Claus underneath their decorated tree. This is exactly what many people think of when they dream about Christmas in America. But when did these traditions take root and where did they come from?

  • Professional Development for Military Veterans

    Professional Development for Military Veterans

    8 years ago

    Transitioning to a job in the public sector after a lengthy military tour can be daunting. Professional development utilizing social media can help prepare any veteran for success in the "real" world.

  • The Darker Days

    The Darker Days

    16 months ago

    A collection of some of my darker or sad poetry from years ago. It can't all be about love!

  • The Poem That Started It All

    The Poem That Started It All

    16 months ago

    I was 16 years old and kept waking up with these words rattling around in my head. The only way to sleep was to get them out. I wrote it down on paper next to my bed and went back to sleep. I never expected to find this the next morning.

  • Old Poetry, New Meaning

    Old Poetry, New Meaning

    16 months ago

    Taking a look back at some of the poetry I wrote as a teenager and young adult and how it might have different meaning to me today.

  • The Healing Power of Writing

    The Healing Power of Writing

    16 months ago

    Upon looking inward during this dark time in my life, after many years of silence, I have decided to turn back to the awesome healing power of writing.


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