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    A Red Room

    3 weeks ago

    Studies have found that individuals who live in urban areas are at increased risk of developing psychosis. Like in a red room I remember.

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    Cognitive Constructs

    7 weeks ago

    They call themselves time travelers. Mentalists, if they will. Their movements, alters.

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    Primal Scene

    6 months ago

    Over the last few years, social networks have incessantly shown that while some hide behind anonymity to spread hate, others come together to help their neighbor or to raise their voices.

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    Mineral Monsters

    12 months ago

    I don’t call them monsters. Why would I if what I see is liberation? A duality of horror and emancipation. The core of transformation. The shedding of socially accepted skin.

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    Update Knowledge

    13 months ago

    Have you recently thought about how we become more and more statisticalized? Yes. Statisticalized.

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    The Continuity

    14 months ago

    Why do many people justify the unjustifiable? A question of questions. And not a new one at all. As we know, “recognizing the continuity of phenomena does not mean ignoring their originality.”

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    Prime Matter

    17 months ago

    What if we engage with statistics through a historical approach? What if? We can begin by assuming statistics origins are remote, as the count of human beings and resources is considered its prime matter.

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    Weather Time

    20 months ago

    The myths are real. There was a war. And they're the last ones standing.

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    Past Tendencies

    22 months ago

    As thinkers, researchers, artists … humans of all kinds, we think of the future by analyzing the past, tracing its changes and transformations.

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    22 months ago

    Reading news about global uprising - where things seem “open-ended” - makes me recall one of the questions I ponder with my students: Can the "I" become "we" to the extent that the "others" are multiple "I"?

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    (About the Time the Doorknob Broke)

    2 years ago

    At midnight all the agents and the superhuman crew, come out and round up everyone that knows more than they do.

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    Glitter in the Dark

    2 years ago

    Consider how organizing - typically an old-school art form of face-to-face engagement - has moved online. Act on it.

  • A Milieu of Interiority

    A Milieu of Interiority

    2 years ago

    How can we develop intervention strategies to be the agents of change in our communities? Active agents in the detection of our needs. Active agents in the fulfillment of our wants. Active agents in the solutions to our problems.

  • Bullet Points

    Bullet Points

    2 years ago

    A world where “our” daily options are played out by access to health care, the media, social status and resources.

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    Uncomfortable Silences

    2 years ago

    Despite the positive outcomes derived from political activism, many psychologists have struggled with how to advocate for social justice while maintaining their professional responsibilities and ethical boundaries.

  • When I Was Back There

    When I Was Back There

    2 years ago

    As memory makers, we know there are certainties we should never forget. One of them is being community. Not a community, but community.

  • Asking for a Friend

    Asking for a Friend

    2 years ago

    Being lifelong researchers - all of us - we know that many social issues must be looked up, looked at and addressed. Political debates do not make them something new. Or do they? Asking for a friend.

  • That Shape I Am

    That Shape I Am

    2 years ago

    As members of society, we continuously shape our part in it. From studying Psychology to protesting on a global scale, societal participation jumps from ear to ear, from eye to eye ... communicating how each one defines it. "That shape I am."

  • Moral Crusades

    Moral Crusades

    3 years ago

    Have you ever found yourself apparently offending someone's sense as to what is "moral"? Did you wonder who came up with said standard? Have you asked, why would some feel entitled to enforce their idea of what is "right" upon others?

  • The Psychology of Becoming

    The Psychology of Becoming

    3 years ago

    If a scholar wants to understand the psychology of individuals, he or she has to be concerned with everything else.

  • The Bystander Effect Ignites Survivors

    The Bystander Effect Ignites Survivors

    3 years ago

    While climate change has taken many victims around the world and threatens to take many more, a worldwide community of bystanders are unresponsive.

  • The Research Journey

    The Research Journey

    4 years ago

    A research paper, just like life, is a journey; a journey with three parts: a beginning, middle and end. And there’s more than one way to write a research paper, just like there is more than one way of going on a journey.

  • A Palimpsest

    A Palimpsest

    4 years ago

    Haven't we been wondering lately: 'How is a government able to get away with an unbearable exercise of power'?

  • The old-school questions

    The old-school questions

    5 years ago

    We survive in a wide diversity of natural environments, yet not passively. That is, we endure by having a profound impact in them.

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    The shapeshifters

    6 years ago

    As the shapeshifters of public opinion, the media shapes politics to depict multifaceted, significant political issues as contests of personal image.

  • The Thread that We Follow

    The Thread that We Follow

    6 years ago

    “We construct a narrative for ourselves, and that's the thread that we follow from one day to the next.”

  • The Need to Reach Beyond

    The Need to Reach Beyond

    6 years ago

    We are guardians of the record.

  • The gatekeepers

    The gatekeepers

    5 years ago

    “Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are.” Prince

  • The Evidence Gathered

    The Evidence Gathered

    6 years ago

    One significant thing we learn from it is that each one of us – they, you and I – sense and perceive the world around us in varied different ways.

  • Now and Here are not Nowhere: On Self-Employment

    Now and Here are not Nowhere: On Self-Employment

    5 years ago

    “In February, the unemployment rate held at 4.9 percent, and the number of unemployed persons, at 7.8 million, was unchanged.” What happens in our minds when we read statistics like these?

  • On Our Leisure Hours

    On Our Leisure Hours

    6 years ago

    "What we do during our working hours determines what we have; what we do in our leisure hours determines what we are."

  • the other of the same

    the other of the same

    9 years ago

    "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." Anais Nin Remember that famous perceptual illusion in which our brain switches between seeing a young girl to seeing an old woman? An excellent illustration of how things are frequently not...

  • Struggling to see

    Struggling to see

    9 years ago

    Close your eyes and think of the word racism. What images appear in your mind? A Ku Klux Klan member? A hate crime? Only white police men "watching" over a black neighborhood? Many who hear the word racism often invoke imagery of prejudice at its...


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