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For many years I stayed uninvolved and somewhat uninformed about my social issues of the day, even though my degree is in Sociology. Like most people, I was too busy to pay much attention. My only concerns were with those issues that I could see on a daily basis, like women's rights. I experienced sexual discrimination in the work place and actively joined NOW (National Organization for Women). Early on, I was also disturbed by some of the teachings of my religion and began investigating religions by attending other churches and having discussions with some religious leaders and devotees. Politics never came much across my radar because, like many, I didn't have time to get involved and felt my one vote didn't matter. My politically informed late husband schooled me on many areas of politics and understanding of what's going on around the world and in my own back yard. For a number of years now, I have felt more fully evolved and involved in the world around me. And, I have the desire to share my information and thoughts with others, so that maybe you, too, will be better informed and more involved (why I'm on HUB).

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  • Spanking Children

    Spanking Children

    12 months ago

    Three reasons why we spank children to discipline; should we spank children; discipline; and more. Should we spank children--examined.

  • Women, Religion, Gays, Politics

    Women, Religion, Gays, Politics

    12 months ago

    The ironies around us every day relating to religion, gays, and woman can't be ignored. For instance, isn't it ironic how the only time a person's race or gender are in question is when that person is not a white man...