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Hey there my name is Partha. I am a full time student. I am otaku by nature. Loves to watch NBA & UFC matches.

Thats it nothing more to say...

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  • Kawah Ijen: Volcano that spews Blue Flames

    Kawah Ijen: Volcano that spews Blue Flames

    2 years ago

    Kawah Ijen, volcano that erupts blue flame. It belongs to group of stratovolcanoes in the Banyuwangi Regency of East Java Indonesia.

  • Fix Your Own Headphones

    Fix Your Own Headphones

    2 years ago

    We always throw away our headphones when they get busted. In this hub we are going to see how can you restore your beloved headphones with simple equipment that are easily available to you easily.

  • AlphaGo: A Computer beats a Champion

    AlphaGo: A Computer beats a Champion

    2 years ago

    A computer, or I must say a super intelligent AI that beat the reigning European Champion in an ancient game GO.

  • Raspberry Pi Zero

    Raspberry Pi Zero

    2 years ago

    Raspberry Pi Zero, a $5 computer, thats right $5 programmable computer that is powerful enough to boost your projects. Raspberry Pi Zero runs Raspbian, NOOBS and various other OS.

  • Acne And Pimple Care

    Acne And Pimple Care

    2 years ago

    Today Acne and Pimple are two most common problems in everyone's life. People try and do every possible thing to get rid off it. Here, I tried to discuss about the natural acne and pimple care.

  • Chia Fresca

    Chia Fresca

    2 years ago

    Chia Fresca is a drink which really boosts energy level. Its main ingredient is chia seeds which has tremendous medicinal as well as nutritional qualities.

  • How to make Liquid Magnet

    How to make Liquid Magnet

    2 years ago

    Here in this hub it is shown how anyone can make liquid magnet on their own. A detailed description about the procedure and things required for its preparation is given. Hope everyone tries it out.

  • Anime: Original sound track

    Anime: Original sound track

    2 years ago

    In this hub it is basically discussed about anime OST. Here few examples of OST are listed along with their genre.