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Love to have fun with my family, spend time with close friends, and play with our spunky little kitty cat, Jolee, and American Bulldog Boxer mix, Toby. My interests are gardening, writing, photography, making jewelry with beads and polymer clay, browsing the internet for interesting tidbits, and eating delicious food (especially if someone else cooks it!)

I really don't like to write about myself. It's more difficult to do than just writing about the things I'm passionate about.

My faith in Jesus often flows out in my writing (I consider it His gift to me) and communication with words and expressions of love from me to Him are my attempt to live according to His plan instead of by my own more selfish fleshly ones. I often get in God's way and He has to let me fall on my face so I'll realize how much I need Him. It's a good thing that He loves me unconditionally, our Heavenly Father, and that when I come humbly before Him and am ready to make a change, He is quick to forgive and set me back on the right track again. When I write for Him the words come naturally because it's His voice speaking to others through the thoughts He inspires in my mind. He has impressed upon my heart how important it is for His word to reach every corner of the world, so that every person has the opportunity and choice to make whether or not they will believe and follow Him or to walk away. So while you are accepting invitations and following others around on the world wide web, I hope you won't pass up and ignore the ultimate and most precious invitation of all time. That is God's invitation for us to follow and accept His son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior.

I also answer questions on Webanswers. Here's my link: http://www.webanswers.com/_cathleena

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