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  • Pan's gift to Selene

    Pan's gift to Selene

    5 years ago

    The trails of the Dark Forest were quiet, apart from the chattering insects, the Wood Owls and the night rodents they sought. The Great God Pan walked slowly and silently through the night, his pipes hung low across his...

  • The Loch Leven Wraith

    The Loch Leven Wraith

    5 years ago

    Ken MacDougal stood on the shore of Loch Leven staring into the water for nearly an hour. The evening summer wind tousled his dark hair. He hadn’t been to the loch in five years. He was 25 the last time he came to the...

  • Bran, the Blessed

    Bran, the Blessed

    5 years ago

    I sat in a smoky bar drinking a sweet red wine waiting on the rain to stop. New York City lights twinkled in the night. Three others filled the bar that night. A man and woman sat in a corner smiling and talking. He...

  • On the wings of Gallen

    On the wings of Gallen

    5 years ago

    It always begins the same. I am poised gracefully on the back of Gallen. My black as pitch, dragon. My pale skin reflects against his dark scales. We glide gracefully above the land and waves. All is dark, with naught...