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    2 years ago

    The dichotomy of dreams and responsibilities pose an existential battle within.

  • Nerve


    3 years ago

    In the journey between wanton writer and becoming a successful one, the question remains: Do you have the nerve?

  • Thinking Safe Thoughts in Uncertain Times

    Thinking Safe Thoughts in Uncertain Times

    3 years ago

  • 0

    Thoughtful Tattoos

    4 years ago

    Before the decision to augment your look with new ink, take some time to think about the purpose of the image/statement you will be making. Below are some ways to help you think through the decision.

  • When He Said I Do

    When He Said I Do

    2 years ago

    Leap of faith is not an empty promise, it's an eternity of trying.

  • 6

    Between the silences

    10 years ago

    Between the silences where do you live?

  • Silky moves

    Silky moves

    10 years ago

    He's slick to the touch, pleasing to the eye He won't give up much, because its the smile that lets him slide by A charismatic soul, a joker and a fool He'll have you with his words, and leave you but that's cool Superficial and vain, these...

  • Answering LauraGSpeaks: One fans take on why the League now needs new system in place to deal with illegal hits.

    Answering LauraGSpeaks: One fans take on why the League now needs new system in place to deal with illegal hits.

    11 years ago

    The introduction to rule changes by the league to cut down on fighting have created a new wave of behaviours from the players, which necessitated a new wave of changes to the rules. We saw in the NHL in the 80's hockey that was 'Rock'em Sock'em"...

  • Unsustainable


    12 years ago

    The weeping willow's branches sway For a reason, one cannot say Impalpable, unnoticed, unknown The tension in the air has grown I like to think it's Zeus in his fury His tepid temper, his far reaching jealousy For this he cracks his...

  • Overseer of Truth

    Overseer of Truth

    12 years ago

    The truth is a disease to the guilty, the provider of freedom to the innocent A brief jostling of the mind brings about the need for the Overseer of Truth He's come to me, a ha....come for me a number of times... already in my short stay ...

  • Only time will tell

    Only time will tell

    12 years ago

    I was an oak, a tree in the wood Solid and singular, rooted I stood No wind, nor rain nor thunderous night could move me from my place of right. A lesser tree or bush, moves, bends, and bows to the strength of natures might, I was so...

  • Carnival - House of Mirrors

    Carnival - House of Mirrors

    10 years ago

    Evolving from Within, where does that begin?

  • set ablaze

    set ablaze

    13 years ago

    Reminisce that last kiss, that lingering touch and that shiver causing breath across your neck... candle light and our memories always and forever smothering my mind I can but grasp at the sands of time, and think back on this time as...

  • Burning Embers

    Burning Embers

    13 years ago

    Etched into my soul Wretched and weary The details of that night, make me weak, make me teary We were but children, aged neigh twenty-one The night the dark knight had decided to come He snorted and scowled, and pointed his bony finger ...

  • Wistful thinking

    Wistful thinking

    12 years ago

    We talked, for hours, forever She was my Aphrodite, my mini deity Sparkling eyes and silver tipped tongue It was when I met her my life of lust had begun The days passed, but time stood still This greek...

  • Emphatically me

    Emphatically me

    13 years ago

    This road and I are one in the same We have bumps and turns and twists We have been developed over time, evolving with the times We can see no end, for no end is there One point begins, another point begins again In the time since we...

  • Of Wind and Rain

    Of Wind and Rain

    4 years ago

    Of wind and rain, my soul is made Of hearty sand and salt The wind has often carried many pieces of my heart For softly, myself, I have confessed To the breezes across my inlet My ocean, she has my every secret kept I feared not...

  • The complications of being human

    The complications of being human

    13 years ago

    The life of a single entity, as I see it, is fairly simple and non-challenging. I know that sounds a bit dismissive of all the complications one endures, plans, sets up, lives through. I can say this now as a coupled person. I could not have said it...

  • Unanticipated


    13 years ago

    Quiet, still, dark, and real Hushed, silenced, pushed and pulled Emotions quiver with unanticipated motion Knowing less than ever before Where's it going? Where's it end? It's inevitable that we start again Always in motion,...

  • If they could only see me now....

    If they could only see me now....

    12 years ago

    Athletic, bright, youthful and free This is how I used to be. As free as the river flowing down this cliff face I have aged and cannot keep up this pace Unlike this waterfall as beautiful and as thunderous as the day it...

  • My first six months

    My first six months

    13 years ago

    What does one learn when putting self into a Hub? As I watch my stats .. daily... I am frought with the sense that I can be competitive in this realm as any other. I took on writing hubs for the shear enjoyment of sharing thoughts and ideas and...

  • Instinctual Awareness

    Instinctual Awareness

    13 years ago

    Eyes not even opened yet She has grown from within No one sought to teach her, to show her how to begin My daughter, strong and silent, knew just where to go Her motions planned and focused, her instinct already kicked in She knew...

  • Unforgotten love

    Unforgotten love

    12 years ago

    The news was miraculous, a new time in my life, one I awaited for so long. I dreamt a dream one dreary day, it brought me to my knees It was of my life with my family, a brood of two or three. I smiled at them all, kids and wife in...

  • Rainfalls


    12 years ago

    The sky is dark... the night is quiet.... rain falls like uncertain thoughts. Lightening thrashing... thunder crashing.... emotions melt away like art. The air is breezing... lightly teasing... as rain falls like uncertain thoughts. The sun...

  • Life's Contorsions

    Life's Contorsions

    14 years ago

    The thoughts in her mind slip and slide like his mechanic hands through grease She's done it again, managed to survive the day without too much pain He floats through his day, fixed a transmission and a caburator without too much delay She's...

  • Starlit eyes

    Starlit eyes

    14 years ago

    Time dwindles in the flame The fire burns and hides the shame The needle enters into the vein The sting... it comes quick All your thoughts intermingle, becoming thick It's a fog that stays for a while It makes you forget things.... that...

  • Beware of the Bunny People

    Beware of the Bunny People

    12 years ago

    Little did I know I would have lasted 10 yrs in a field where most burn out within 3 to 5. I look back now on this article and feel as though a lifetime has passed. I am now in a position whereby I am the one who has been the change. I have since...

  • A little lost.. looking to be set free

    A little lost.. looking to be set free

    12 years ago

    He comes to me with a plea He wants to be no burden on anybody He tells me his plan It does not involve any other man It's his plan He's seen many people and fights off the demons ...

  • 1

    "Sabotage - Our Personal Relationship Demolition Team" - Life Lessons from a 20 Something

    12 years ago

    Sabotage, an easy concept to understand. Simply put sabotage means to demolish on purpose. Now the reasons and motivations behind it, they are complex. It's an easy way out, like swinging at a bad pitch at the end of the game to take the pressure...

  • 30 games in... what do we have?

    30 games in... what do we have?

    12 years ago

    So, we're 30 games in and have a total of 30 points. Not exactly the year of the Habs is it? But... don't lose heart. We've seen worse and better and we can live with both. But living with the results of our famed and framed Habs isn't what we want....

  • Shameless and Aimless

    Shameless and Aimless

    14 years ago

    It's bloody early in the morning. Another dawn another day of rain -emotional drain. I've been here a little while now watching and writing when I get the chance, but, am I doing anything? I continually read and decipher other people's thoughts and...

  • Bobby oh Bobby what have you done?

    Bobby oh Bobby what have you done?

    14 years ago

      As a fellow Hab-maniac, I understand the feeling of being let down by Bob. However, do you really think the ownership did not have a hand in this off-season? I fear we are hard on Bob, like the Quebec media is hard on all of the Habs leaders on...

  • 2

    A Guys Response to "The Twilight Saga Books" Hub

    11 years ago

    We go to Chapters basically every couple of months. I stock up on my police crime dramas and she, my wife, ventures into the ether-world of Jane Eyre-esque (sour women / solemn but romantic men). We lived this for about 5 yrs when a friend of hers...

  • Intangible


    12 years ago

    Intangible Illusive as my thoughts, Fleeting as a moment, She winds up in my dreams, Where she is safe and secure Away from my fears, unable to fall She's quiet and shy, I sometimes wonder why, She's always as bright as the stars in the sky ...

  • Controlled


    12 years ago

      Controlled Alone and silenced, is that how they feel? Almost, as if their life is not real? Decisions about them already made, The plans for their life already laid Jumping from one place to another, Not really knowing a father or a mother,...

  • Flowing with the going....

    Flowing with the going....

    12 years ago

     Why one writes is as individualistic as why one thinks.. or even how one thinks. Writing for me was an outlet. It cleared my head of all the little thoughts/ideas/dreams/wishes/memories/daydreams/nightmares. I journaled from 8 yrs old til I was...

  • Where's the optimism?

    Where's the optimism?

    12 years ago

    I've been reading now for about a week. Reading all kinds of topics and issues and thoughts,dreams,opinions (informed and uninformed), worries, and concerns. They are all out there for me to pick through, read, comment upon, decide if its worth a...

  • Selection of the fittest?? (not what you think it means!)

    Selection of the fittest?? (not what you think it means!)

    12 years ago

    The title choice may be a bit off-putting. I admit. But it isn't what people may think. I won't give details from my own personal story, I don't think it brings objectivity to the topic. But lets just say I am a believer in monogomy. ...

  • Hiding in plain site

    Hiding in plain site

    14 years ago

    Is the question about who people are, or about the fact that their identity isn't one you know? The question suggests an unwilling acceptance of the fact that others choose to show one side of themselves. The word usage "hide behind a name without...

  • Why Generation Y is in trouble.

    Why Generation Y is in trouble.

    12 years ago

    I work with young people. Its a privilege and an honour and I love it. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I wished there were more teachers that felt this way. I dont know that they don't and I want to apologize if I offend, that's not my intention....

  • The truth about looking within!

    The truth about looking within!

    12 years ago

    In response to a fellow hubber regarding tv versus personal development : In some people's minds the realities are that we live busy lives that are demanding on so many levels. My philosophy is a little different. Growing personally takes...

  • Coach Revealed

    Coach Revealed

    14 years ago

                  So Jacques Martin is now the head honcho in La Belle Province! This guy has a great record in the regular season, and has coached some of the better players in the league over his tenure in Ottawa. I don't think...


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