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  • God and the Spontaneous Creation

    God and the Spontaneous Creation

    6 months ago

    Let us imagine, how God, the spiritual life force of God; life and everything else came into being, and I believe that they influence each other even today.

  • Pope Francis Problems

    Pope Francis Problems

    6 months ago

    Today religions must be kept accountable for what they do. Whoever represents any religion must follow their rules 100%, When they don't they will be punished, first from the laws in the country they live and then from their religious order.

  • Mother Earth in The Spiritual World

    Mother Earth in The Spiritual World

    8 months ago

    This article is a linking article between the positive spiritual life-forces and the negative spiritual life-forces of the universe. We are writing it to continue our description of the spiritual world.

  • Passion, Love and Romance

    Passion, Love and Romance

    5 months ago

    We humans are born slave to these love feelings for the other sex, so, when we don' have a partner to make love to, we go crazy with desire and passion for anyone that we know that we can make love.

  • God Made Man to Love Woman

    God Made Man to Love Woman

    11 months ago

    This article is about the force of love that drives a man to love a woman, since it is the most natural way. However, there are times when this natural instinct cannot be fulfilled easily, So we look at the force of love and how it makes people fall in love, and then struggle.

  • God, Religions, and Mankind

    God, Religions, and Mankind

    9 months ago

    These are my views about God and religions, it is a sort of summary, where I want to point out that the existing religions are not doing their best. They can be modified and set up better.

  • Christmas 2017 Has Come and Gone

    Christmas 2017 Has Come and Gone

    9 months ago

    Talking about Father Christmas and what it means to us, some of the origin of Christmas, and some of the changes that have taken place and the possiblity could be changing in the future.

  • Let Us Follow the Pope

    Let Us Follow the Pope

    6 months ago

    Let us try to follow the pope and comment at the same time about his visit, we believe that overall it is a courageous thing what the pope is doing, but will it work, who knows?

  • Our spiritual beliefs

    Our spiritual beliefs

    7 months ago

    Here we are talking about our spiritual beliefs and how they have helped to form religions and also how they could continue to help to modify modern religions.

  • New religious setup

    New religious setup

    7 months ago

    Religion and philosophy discussions, aimed at reviewing religions, this could be the continuation of our religious articles, but its aim is to make them more readers friendly by shortening them.

  • To save the world

    To save the world

    7 months ago

    In these religious articles we are trying to suggest that there are ways that the world could be saved from unnecessary sufferings, if religions are modified.

  • God is crying

    God is crying

    7 months ago

    I feel that my God is crying, because of what is happening in the world today, as there are some maniac that like to kill and they want to kill in God's name.

  • Study of religions

    Study of religions

    7 months ago

    In our religious study, we are in search of God and religious truths, while we might be thinking that there is no God, we don'd want to admit it openly, in case we are wrong.

  • Spiritual Universe

    Spiritual Universe

    7 months ago

    Believing in God and religions is our nature, we cannot escape it because it is our own ways of thinking that brings us to believe in God and spirituality, so we would be better off to accept them.

  • Religious issues of today

    Religious issues of today

    29 hours ago

    We believe there are several religious issues that need to be looked at and perhaps modified, so that religions can continue to have a major role to play in the future for the benefit on mankind.

  • Religious Theory

    Religious Theory

    6 weeks ago

    This religious theory is based on the facts that man needs God and religions, so there is this need to review the existing world religions in such a way that they would be able to serve humanity.

  • Praying for God Love

    Praying for God Love

    39 hours ago

    Praying for God love we have called this hub, because we know that if we love God and follow God, then God will love and help us, we must stay with God since that is the only way for God to help us

  • Pope's Sign of the Time

    Pope's Sign of the Time

    3 days ago

    When even the pope resigns and this has never happened before, then we are lead to believe that it is the sign of the time, it is the sign of the time because things are going to change in the future.

  • Flood in the Days of Noah

    Flood in the Days of Noah

    32 hours ago

    Did this flood in the days of Noah really happen? because there are reasons to believe that if it did it was not as universal as it is reported in the Bible, here are some of the facts.

  • We Say in the Beginning

    We Say in the Beginning

    4 days ago

    In the beginning we say when we talk about many things; but if we talk about God and the universe, this should not be so, because they have been there all the time, so, there is no beginning or end.

  • Spiritual Circle One Negative

    Spiritual Circle One Negative

    5 days ago

    Circle one negative, or the abyss, it is the place where all the waste of the negative spiritual energies of the universe end up, it is very vast and we might call it the third dimension.

  • Lucifer Domains Circle

    Lucifer Domains Circle

    7 days ago

    Lucifer domains stands at the other end of the universe and it is separated from God's life forces by the abyss. So that the energies of the universe flow around in a never ending circle so to speak.

  • New Testament Discussions

    New Testament Discussions

    6 weeks ago

    This hub is about the New Testament and why at the end was written the way it was written, because it rises many questions to those readers that like to use common sense and connect religious issues.

  • The Fourth Circle Tormented Souls

    The Fourth Circle Tormented Souls

    8 days ago

    These Hell tormented souls that we describe here are supposed to be in another dimension, or in the other world so to speak, in this hub we are trying to describe what this could be like.

  • Fifth circle tormented souls

    Fifth circle tormented souls

    12 days ago

    Praying here our Heavenly Father with all my heart, my soul and my mind. I am praying because I have mentally visit and describe Hell. May God help and protect me from the forces of evil? Amen.

  • Reconciliation Part Three

    Reconciliation Part Three

    5 weeks ago

    Reconciliation of the universe is part three of our religious writings, in part three we review what we have written and then submit our religious theory as the conclusion of what we have written.

  • Religious Discussions Three

    Religious Discussions Three

    2 months ago

    There are religious disagreement in the world today, so in these religious writings we would like to find a way, if that is possible, on how to come up with a religion that everybody could agree.

  • Religious Discussions, Two

    Religious Discussions, Two

    2 months ago

    Discussions about modern religious issues, the Bible religions and other world religions, like Hinduism and an outline of the many religions that these two main religions have started.

  • Will God Answer Our Prayers?

    Will God Answer Our Prayers?

    2 months ago

    Wanting to know if God hears our prayers, because we need God's help in many times. So we want to find out, if and when God hears our prayers and answers our prayers, in a positive way.

  • Man Needs God

    Man Needs God

    5 months ago

    Man needs God, but God is seen in different ways from different people, of course it is only that we see God that way, but that does not matter here because man needs God anyhow

  • Nature of the Universe and Earth

    Nature of the Universe and Earth

    2 weeks ago

    In a very simplified way we are describing God and the nature of the universe, and then describe how God spiritual world could exist according to our beliefs in order to reconcile religions.

  • God Spiritual Government

    God Spiritual Government

    2 weeks ago

    I am setting the stage for the entire world to see, and when you read these pages you may have to agree, this is the golden door of golden opportunity that God will give to you and to all humanity.

  • God of the Universe Spiritual Description

    God of the Universe Spiritual Description

    2 weeks ago

    God of the Universe description I have called this article, because I am describing the future God of the universe, that can unite religions and overcome the religious problems that we have today.

  • Views on Reconciliation of the Universe

    Views on Reconciliation of the Universe

    4 weeks ago

    The aim of these religious writings is to find a way how to get all religious together, in order to overcome future religious problems; so, we are going to set the stage for the entire world to see.

  • People life and religion

    People life and religion

    3 months ago

    Life and God is the essence of our own life existence, and to believe in our life is to believe in God and everything else that makes life possible, otherwise life could be meaningless.

  • Mankind Religious Beliefs

    Mankind Religious Beliefs

    4 months ago

    Mankind religious beliefs are such that one has to ask many religious questions: Why mankind needs religions and believe in God? Is religion an inborn sense, or we believe in what we have been told?

  • Religious concerns and prayers

    Religious concerns and prayers

    2 months ago

    Writing religious beliefs is not easy and if you beliefs are different from the main stream beliefs will bring up writing concerns. To overcome these concerns one can pray God for help and guidance.

  • Prayers for Guidance and Concerns

    Prayers for Guidance and Concerns

    2 months ago

    We need God guidance and help, so that we would be able to find our own way about, on how to reason within our own minds in order to find our own ways, about what we are, what we were, and we will be.

  • Prayers and discussions

    Prayers and discussions

    2 months ago

    Prayer, and religious discussions I have with my friends, whom are trying to help me to write this religious theory. So here are some prayers and religious discussions that I have written.

  • Prayers of Reconciliation

    Prayers of Reconciliation

    2 months ago

    People prayer to God. Our Lord God, with my personal concerns I come to you praying God-Most-High. Master of the universe and life giver of every living thing, I am praying thee for forgiveness of my sins.

  • Religions are spiritual beliefs

    Religions are spiritual beliefs

    2 months ago

    God and religions have always existed they are spiritual human beliefs that have somehow helped humanity since the beginning of recorded times, and for this reason mankind needs to believe in God etc

  • Prayers for Reconciliation

    Prayers for Reconciliation

    3 months ago

    Prayers for Reconciliation, there is only one God throughout the universe and the angels poem prayer, in this article: is the beginning of a religious theory that aims to save religions in the future


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