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Herba Linch (Cannabis Thorp) is about HERBS, PLANTS, AND AGRICULTURE. Featured are Asian and Philippine herbal plants and other plants in deeper Asia used as alternative remedies for wellness, health, healing, and other uses.

It also features backyard gardening in Manila, Philippine agriculture, and organic farming.

In many parts of the Philippines, some local vegetables and fruits are used for treating illnesses and are thus termed "herbal" medicine by local folks. So don't be surprised if ordinary vegetables and fruits are discussed here as "herbal."

ORGANIC FARMING. And Herba Linch would also like to contribute to organic farming technology applicable to Philippine farming.

Where's "Deep" Asia?

Some folks ask me where Deep Asia is. If you're in Asia while pondering on life deeply, that's Deep Asia.

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  • Duhat: Anti-Diabetes Black Plum

    Duhat: Anti-Diabetes Black Plum

    6 years ago

    Scientists call it by a strange name (Syzgium Cumini) and others on the Net call it by a stranger name—Jambul. But I’ve always known it as Duhat from my childhood days. Its smooth deep violet (others say its dark...

  • Dahon ng Sili: Flavored Health

    Dahon ng Sili: Flavored Health

    6 years ago

    It has lots of health benefits, but what I like most about this green leafy vegetable is its appetizingly pungent flavor in soup dishes, especially chicken tinola. Your taste buds will keep begging for more once the...

  • Aratilis: Muntingia, the Strawberry Tree

    Aratilis: Muntingia, the Strawberry Tree

    7 years ago

    Strawberry tree? Yup, and they grow easily--almost anywhere. As a kid I first encountered the aratilis tree when we first came to where we now live in deep Asia. The area is called Bahay Toro in Project 8. Much of the...

  • Thai Basil: Antibacterial Herb

    Thai Basil: Antibacterial Herb

    7 years ago

    Most Asian and Philippine Herbs are medicinal, specifically antibacterial. Like Thai Basil. Eat it often and be spared from common types of bacteria. Juicing it is better—you take in great quantities in just one...

  • Philippine Kinchay: Small but Terrible Oriental Herb

    Philippine Kinchay: Small but Terrible Oriental Herb

    7 years ago

    I love this herb—and I mean I LOVE it. If you want your veggie dish delectably Chinesey, Philippine kinchay is it. This small but terrible oriental herb lends a delectably tangy flavor to any dish. But there seems...