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  • Impatience is a Daily Problem

    Impatience is a Daily Problem

    2 years ago

    It's extremely important to be patient to get anything done. Even though many people do not know how to be patient for what they need or want when reaching out to others. Being impatient will lead to many issues that can be stressful. It can be avoided if knowing how to just be patient in life.

  • Bike Riding in the City

    Bike Riding in the City

    2 years ago

    Taking some time out to have fun is great for most people who want to take a break from working all the time. Exercising on a bike is always a good way to reduce stress from everyday life. Everyone needs to find a way to move forward to do something gratifying.

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    It's Okay to Feel Down: Introversion and Numbness

    5 months ago

    People can be emotionless in life because of the many unpredictable circumstances that affect their lives. Here I talk about the complexities of everyday emotion and why feeling numb is okay too.

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    Rap Music Was Enjoyable in the 1980s

    2 years ago

    Hip hop music began in the early 1980s, and the music was what young people gravitated to. They wanted to be a part of the hip hop era that was becoming their lives in New York City streets. Every day, after school, and during the weekends were happy times for them to have fun listening.

  • Homelessness in America is Increasing

    Homelessness in America is Increasing

    2 years ago

    It's hard to look the other way when people are experiencing homelessness and most people try to avoid it in life. It's an emergency that shouldn't be ignored, but people must try to figure out what to do instead of sleeping on the street.

  • Double Dutch Sport From The Street

    Double Dutch Sport From The Street

    2 years ago

    I grew up playing Double Dutch with my sisters and friends. I was never bored when I was playing every day. I loved the energy and It was a lot of fun every time I was jumping and turning the rope. It's great exercise and the kids had great teamwork without adults around and they didn't fight.

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    Accept Your Imperfections No Matter What

    2 years ago

    So many people aren't always happy about what they look like and would try to look perfect. Although, being perfect doesn't exist for people seeking perfection. They don't seem to realize if not having self-love could be the issue that they don't accept who they are.

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    Are You A "Superwoman" Everyday?

    2 years ago

    Women Always have a tremendous amount of responsibilities and being there for everyone is as if she is a "Superwoman." A woman knows that she does a lot and will know that she will do more after her children are grown up. Although she'll accomplish a lot in life, she knows that rest is important.

  • Popular Celebrities From the Eighties

    Popular Celebrities From the Eighties

    2 years ago

    Many people are turning fifty and over and will always remember the eighties. It was a phenomenal time that entertainment was getting more entertaining. There are many celebrities at the time that people still love. Today, a lot has changed but the past seems to live on in many artists I see today.

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    Kobe Bryant Is Loved Forever

    2 years ago

    Aside from being a superstar basketball player. Kobe Bryant was also known to be a family man who spent a lot of time with his wife and four daughters. After the helicopter accident that caused his untimely death. His wife, teammates, and friends were left devastated. No one will ever forget Kobe.

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    My Son Has Tonic-Clonic (Grand Mal) Seizures

    6 months ago

    Accepting that my son has autism was unpredictable, and I continue to learn more as this autism journey continues. Now that Jeremy is a teenager, I was surprised for the second time. The doctors in Boston, Massachusetts, told me that my son has a seizure called a tonic-clonic seizure.

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    Ayanna Pressley Is Courageous for Revealing Her Alopecia

    7 months ago

    Ayanna Pressley is a Massachusetts Congresswoman who revealed on January 16, 2020, that she has alopecia. Here are 10 tips for a healthy scalp and hair.

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    My Beautiful Son Has Autism

    3 years ago

    I wanted to share my personal journey about my son Jeremy who was diagnosed with autism. He's also nonverbal and is developmentally delayed. He has a supportive family and a team of doctors in Boston, Massachusetts.

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    Growing Out Your Own Hair Texture

    3 years ago

    Many women aren't seen with their real hair anymore. They have different textures and prefer to do hairstyles with weave or extensions. Although, growing out natural hair is beautiful too.

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    Cell Phone Addiction Problems

    2 years ago

    Young people love their cell phones and they don't always seem to pay attention to people speaking when something important is being said. They also don't always look at anything around them except their cell phone.


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