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Before I tell you about me, let me share a new website with you that I joined recently and I just love. It's very similar to HubPages but has less restrictions on your writing.

It's called Wizzley.com. It's free to sign up and post your pages. I got immediate response from my first page and it's been wonderful ever since so check it out.

I began writing here on hub pages in 2008 while I was looking for ways to earn money on the Internet. Because I had never published anything before, on the Internet or anywhere, it was really terrifying for me. But the people here on HubPages accepted me immediately and made me feel so welcome.

After a few years of being part of this great community, I have seen many changes here on HubPages. Some of them good and others just downright stupid. Unfortunately, it's the stupid changes that prevent me from writing any more Hubs so what you see is what your probably ever going to get from me.

Look, I didn't start writing on HubPages for the fun of it. In fact, writing and publishing my first Hub was one of the scariest things I've ever done, it wasn't fun. But the whole purpose of even coming here and writing was to create ways to make money. And now they're telling me I can't write about the things that made me come here in the first place. Everything is a violation of some stupid rule! Whatever!

On the bright side, I know from experience that only two or three people a month even look at my Profile so most of you will never even read this far and from here on out I'm just writing for myself.

Anyway, in case you are still reading, there is one thing I want you to know about me. Because I have been very successful in many areas of my life, I really only have one more goal in my life that I would like to achieve.

I want to inspire others to be better...

It has been a long time dream of mine and one I have been actively pursuing for a few years.

You will see in some of my writing I have made attempts but I feel my efforts here have pretty much failed for some reason. Maybe it is my writing style or the topics I write about, I don't know. I suppose it's quite possible that I am just not that good at inspiring people yet.

Whatever the reason, I will never stop trying. It may not be here but somewhere on this great big Internet I will be doing whatever I can to inspire people to want more, to pursue more and to achieve more.

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