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  • The Show

    The Show

    10 years ago

    One shot, two shots, three. I feel my throat burn and my stomach begin to turn as I stand in the parking lot a couple blocks down from the theatre. I pass the bottle to my cousin and he hands me a cigarette as The Ramones “I Wanna Be Sedated”...

  • The Cure After The Catastrophe

    The Cure After The Catastrophe

    10 years ago

    With my light glistening on the murky water below, my tears, They too flow. Flowing just like the rain, As it poured down to the percussion of thunder accompanied by the lightning arching achapellas bringing both beauty, And harm. The birth...

  • Zurita


    10 years ago

    The orange rays of the early morning hung onto the smoke of his cigarette as he put on a pair of khaki shorts. His girlfriend remained in bed as she silently watched him through the thin haze. She knew he was only going because it was for Victor and...

  • Man of Nature, Man of God

    Man of Nature, Man of God

    10 years ago

    In Thomas Bulfinch’s telling of the story of Prometheus and Pandora, he recounts the story of the creation of man. Man would come to be created twice in this story, once by the heavens, and once by nature. Each of those forces also played the main...

  • The Ode to a Friendship

    The Ode to a Friendship

    10 years ago

    I met this kid, my real good friend. The best of times, we always had, All through high school, he taught me to be an intellectual, and not just this punk rock rebel. This is for you, The friend who taught me, The friend who fought...

  • My Dream, My Angel

    My Dream, My Angel

    11 years ago

    As soon as I felt her, I fell in love, She swept me off my feet and carried me into the music, making me reach for the lasers, Her embrace made everyone feel as one, music, our pulse, We danced with everyone, we talked with everyone, We...

  • Connections of the Early Morning

    Connections of the Early Morning

    11 years ago

    Cruising down the skyway at a steady sixty miles per hour, it is 4 a.m. and At the Drive-In’s “One Armed Scissor” is blaring out the car speakers. After going out to a concert and the after party with all the drugs that followed, we were still...

  • The Student Debt and Default Crisis

    The Student Debt and Default Crisis

    11 years ago

    What do you say to a generation of college students, freshly graduated with glittering degrees and hopes for a good job, that they owe more debt to the federal government than there is credit card debt in this country? After the first three years of...

  • The Soul Coming Home

    The Soul Coming Home

    11 years ago

    These last known surroundings, Gave human qualities to trembling hands, But be comfortable creature, For this postcard from 1952 will let you back in.

  • It's Times Like These

    It's Times Like These

    11 years ago

    The Bright shines down through my curtains onto my bed and sets the room aglow with a golden glazing. It’s 8:30 a.m. I lay in bed for another few minutes before getting up to get ready. I hop into the shower and brush my teeth before going back to...

  • My Life In Twenty Years

    My Life In Twenty Years

    11 years ago

    As I open my eyes, the bright sun gleams into greet them. The sudden burn of light makes me rethink getting up. I sit up and see my wife still sleeping next to me. It’s 6:30 a.m. and I shuffle into the kitchen to make some tea. Waiting for the...

  • Consumerism and Allen Ginsberg's Poem Against It

    Consumerism and Allen Ginsberg's Poem Against It

    11 years ago

    Consumerism is a calamity claiming the individual identity of American culture and society. We are so engulfed with buying and mass consumerism that we fail to realize the simple, natural truths that are what life is all about. A perfect expression...

  • The Stars Are Projectors

    The Stars Are Projectors

    11 years ago

    “He’s dead,” and that’s all I heard. There was nothing around me as the words began to sink in. I couldn’t, did not; want to believe those two words. The world was non-existent; there were no feelings to me, still trying to come to grips...


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