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We’ve all been there- the boring nights where we are alone but still want a good time/temporary "entertainment." For all of these nights where we don’t give much thought to ‘what’ exactly we invite into our bedrooms’ with us, I offer this (my new blog). And I’m talking, of course, about those random movies that pop up on Netflix that few of us have ever really heard of before.

What’s that raised eyebrow for? What did you think I was talking about? I have always loved watching movies, and because of this I have spent many nights browsing Netflix on my bedroom TV trying to pick something to watch. Soon, I found myself picking random movies that I had never heard of. Many of these movies may have never even had a trailer run in a theater, and received maybe up to 3 stars.

It has become an odd hobby of mine to find the most obscure/scantly known films (usually thriller/suspense genre) that I can find, which started when I saw a movie called "The Babdook"- not well known before, but now popular among some internet circles thanks to Netflix. Considering the fact that I’m picking these movies because they are not that well known or liked (maybe) I’ve decided to review these movies for myself and give them a random rating.

'Kelsey Reviews Randoms' is not an advertisement, but offers movie reviews from a specific outlet (convenience/circumstance reasons). Please enjoy with an open mind.

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