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I have a BA degree in the writing field from Western Michigan University. Writing poetry, fiction and stage plays has been my passion since I was the tender age of six. I was born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI where I still reside. I like to go to the different festivals held in downtown Kalamazoo, near Arcadia Creek. Reading is another of my passions. I like to read anything I can get my hands on, although I mostly favor classic literature. My debut book Dominica's Inferno was published under my pen name Joanna Maharis. It is available online.

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  • Scampering Through The Fields

    Scampering Through The Fields

    2 years ago

    about two souls searching for a better way of life. However, they are left in their own worlds of illusion, never finding what their hearts seek. For they have been abandomed by their kin.



    6 years ago

    Time Warp of Promises How can I compare your porcelain soul To the ways of the satin snow? For they are drums who beat down fear Into chivalrous hearts of children. Bare feet be blessed. Heavenly...

  • Sugar Walls

    Sugar Walls

    9 years ago

    Where the dawn forgoes a new day, the night surrenders to misty eyes enticed by sugar walls that plant their humble seeds in the womb of Mother Earth; yet, the wind dances around naked trees who once feed off of soulful...

  • Flood Gates

    Flood Gates

    9 years ago

    It is the consciousness of the people that drives politicians mad.  It is the lusterous voice that bleeds the scournful dessert, and makes man's  heart weep when he walks down destitute roads.  I am not the mother...

  • The Embalment of Satin Clouds

    The Embalment of Satin Clouds

    9 years ago

    I'm freezing, and my heart is slowly dying.  I"m showered by your raging waters that consume me everytime I exhale.  Seasoned is the fire that burns within the crest of your jagged soul.  Paper roses mock me within...

  • Father of the Pearl

    Father of the Pearl

    9 years ago

    I am of the night.  Won't you be my guide, when I cross the plains of insanity?  Don't drift away to sleep, my one and only light.  I can hear your cries.  For they are pleas for your safe return out of Hades.  For...

  • The Midnight Sky Weeps

    The Midnight Sky Weeps

    9 years ago

    Dreamy winds crash into my elastic head, while knocking the sands out of my crystal eyes.  You fill my misty waters up with frozen souls of feverish seeds.  Whispering winds breed havoc within dark shadows.  I...

  • Preludes to the Heavens

    Preludes to the Heavens

    9 years ago

    Beastly burdens of the underworld conjure up preludes to the heavens. Half earth, half world of fire, there is a resistance whitin a mystic band. Concluded in this realm of secrets is the destroyer of spirit and mind....

  • Operattic Trees Conquer Forsaken Moons

    Operattic Trees Conquer Forsaken Moons

    9 years ago

    Sinister flames burn through satanic valves that devour my tainted spirit. Shackled to the unconscious floor are elusive tombs, longing to be cast away into the fisherman's melodic nets. For the longer I bleed through...

  • Diamonds Within Our Hair

    Diamonds Within Our Hair

    9 years ago

    Lover of the mid hours, where is my early light? You are sugar from honey that melts into crazed pores of my fabric skin. I imagine walks in the park, drifting through the pale moonlight with you holding my hand, and...

  • Feverish Seeds of Garnet Eyes

    Feverish Seeds of Garnet Eyes

    9 years ago

    Seductive mountains burn into the sapphire sky, and cause the heavens to weep into my crystal soul. I flourish when I am miles away from the feverish seeds you have sown. For this is an allegorical song that bleeds...

  • Baked Visions

    Baked Visions

    8 months ago

    You are my maple leaf asleep inside my phantasm. I am elongated by breathing winds that surround me with vengeance. For truth is the troubled sky that battles within dancing clouds; yet, you are the lightening that cuts...

  • The Pulse of Heaven

    The Pulse of Heaven

    9 years ago

     I'd like your inuendoes to come alive inside your flowering hands, but the weeping mandolin cries into satanic streams where his voice is carried throughout lucid rooftops.  However, it is man's thirst for redeeming...