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I am an Eye Consultant at present working at Contacare Eye Hospital, Nagpur. I have gone through many ups and downs in my life, but I have always come out as a winner. I love to surf on Internet and write for Hubpages. I think that Hubpages is a very nice platform for expressing our writing talent and to be appreciated and recognised by other hubbers and the world at large. My hobbies are reading, writing, internet surfing, T.V. viewing, cooking, hubpages and sleeping.

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  • Destiny Of The Downtrodden

    Destiny Of The Downtrodden

    8 weeks ago

    Under - previledged and downtrodden fellow human beings deserve to be looked after and cared for. Being humans they need and deserve a better deal from society. We should look after their welfare.

  • Face Of A Wonderful World

    Face Of A Wonderful World

    2 months ago

    Let us paint our world's face with bright rainbow colours. Save trees, save water, save air. Save earth, save our world.

  • God Is Just Kind and Merciful

    God Is Just Kind and Merciful

    3 months ago

    The message via this poem is that God created this wonderful earth and we should not destroy it through wars and clashes between nations. We ought to be grateful towards the Almighty.

  • Love The World

    Love The World

    4 months ago

    Message to all humanity for world peace and maintanance of nature and eco system. Message to save our planet which is the treasure we should give to our children and future generation.

  • Life is God's Gift

    Life is God's Gift

    4 months ago

    Life is a gift from Almighty God. We should not waste it in worthless tasks. We aught to appreciate God's creations and be grateful for them.

  • Dream Up New Ideas

    Dream Up New Ideas

    4 months ago

    Dream up new ideas for world progress through science and technology. The message is conveyed through poetry form.

  • Compassion Towards Humanity - Need of the Hour

    Compassion Towards Humanity - Need of the Hour

    4 months ago

    With a rise in natural calamities and selfish greed of people, life and humanity have come to its knees. We should spread the message of humanitarian services people should render to salvage the world

  • Happiness and Tears

    Happiness and Tears

    6 months ago

    A mother's love for her only bipolar son. She is happy in her son's happines and tearful in her son's sorrow.

  • Poetic Nostalgia

    Poetic Nostalgia

    5 weeks ago

    This hub is a poem written in nostalgic memories about a hill-station the poet had visited many long years ago.

  • Garlic Fried Potatoes

    Garlic Fried Potatoes

    4 weeks ago

    They taste very different from French fries or any other type of fried potatoes. Fried Potatoes with Garlic and Green Chillies taste somewhat like fried fish. Or even better.

  • They Killed My Pet Cat Minni Maav

    They Killed My Pet Cat Minni Maav

    4 weeks ago

    My pet cat Minni Maav was killed by some heartless persons. This hub describes their misdeed.

  • Chocolates Taste Divine

    Chocolates Taste Divine

    3 weeks ago

    Chocolate is combined with vanilla and other flavourings and sugar and milk to give a concoction which is very very tasty. In ancient times it used to be made into a chocolate drink which the Emperors called a divine...

  • Energy Robbers

    Energy Robbers

    5 weeks ago

    Fatigue comes in various forms. Whatever your type, you will find there are ways to find some relief.

  • Reflect Upon Your Purpose in Life

    Reflect Upon Your Purpose in Life

    6 weeks ago

    We often wonder about our purpose in life. Why are we here? Why were we born? What is the real meaning of Life? We can begin to understand our purpose in life by answering this questionaire:

  • Mughlai Chicken Curry

    Mughlai Chicken Curry

    4 weeks ago

    A Great time - tested Chicken Recipe straight from the Mughlai Kitchen. I learnt to cook since my teens. My mom was a great teacher. She taught me delicious vegetarian and non - vegetarian dishes.

  • One Dish Meals Khichda

    One Dish Meals Khichda

    4 weeks ago

    Khichada is a one dish meal, complete in itself. It is prepared in the bohra kitchens on the 10th of Moharram. It is made from wheat, meat, channa dal and urad dal and is nutritive, tastes very nice.

  • How to Tackle a Scary Diagnosis

    How to Tackle a Scary Diagnosis

    3 weeks ago

    The scary diagnosis may not only be cancer, or again it might not only be about how long you have to live. It could be other diseases which may lead to change in your life pattern

  • Stop Diabetes Now

    Stop Diabetes Now

    4 months ago

    Proper diet control, regular exercise and therapy as determined by your doctor, is the only way to achieve good control of your diabetes. Regular check-ups by your doctor, and monitoring your body weight, blood sugar...

  • Hammer And Chisel

    Hammer And Chisel

    4 weeks ago

    In this poem I have described the agonising pain I had in my right leg in the 1990's and the various treatments I had undergone with the final relief through surgery.

  • Men And Women's Health After Forty

    Men And Women's Health After Forty

    2 weeks ago

    No one can remain young forever but a sensible lifestyle should find you fit and healthy at forty and take you on to a healthy old age. But, what lies in store for you later in life, will be determined by how you...

  • Physical Activity And Health

    Physical Activity And Health

    2 weeks ago

    Daily exercise increases fitness level. Old thinking was to work out in a sweat-filled gym for hours a day. Now researchers say that even short bouts of activity, like 10 minute's walk daily can surely increase your...

  • Fat Can Be Fit If You Exercise Regularly

    Fat Can Be Fit If You Exercise Regularly

    3 weeks ago

    About 40 percent of overweight people who exercise regularly are fit. Moreover all thin people are not physically active, and hence they are not fit.

  • Overcome Stress

    Overcome Stress

    4 weeks ago

    Stress leads to high blood sugar, high blood pressure, poor cholesterol profile and deadly metabolic syndrome. Genes play a role, of course, but you can beat stress by adopting a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

  • Three Delicious Indian Food Meat Recipes

    Three Delicious Indian Food Meat Recipes

    3 weeks ago

    Very rich Meat recipes for all those who love to indulge in non-veg food.



    5 months ago

    So many times we treat our body so badly by indulging in fast foods, fried spicy snacks, alcohol and lungful of second hand smoke to name a few. We have a great time partying, but our body's cleaning crews will be doing...

  • Better Vision

    Better Vision

    5 weeks ago

    Our two eyes are the sense organs which help us to keep contact with the outside world. We should take good care of our eyes.

  • Be Positive

    Be Positive

    5 weeks ago

    Where ever there is a negative there is a positive - that's a law of nature. It is simply a case of choosing to see the positive and staying focused on it. Every thought you think is created by choice or habit. Every...

  • Health Care - Well Being

    Health Care - Well Being

    7 weeks ago

    It is never too late to discard a lifetime of bad habits like smoking, over-eating, lack of exercise etc. and cultivate good habits lke proper nutrition, modest meals, regular execises etc. for good health.