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  • Prayer-a Chore and Ritual or a Blessing

    Prayer-a Chore and Ritual or a Blessing

    3 weeks ago

    With the threat of Corona Virus looming large playing a havoc, it is a time for action and prayer

  • Corona Corona

    Corona Corona

    2 weeks ago

    Have faith and be patient and hopeful for a quick relief from the Corona Virus disease which is presently a pandemic world wide

  • Today Is First Day of Rest of My Life

    Today Is First Day of Rest of My Life

    2 weeks ago

    This poem depicts doing worthy work in the remaining lifetime of a person so as to benefit humanity. We should make a fresh beginning with full faith and with the blessings of the Almighty the world will become a much better place to live in.

  • My Cup Is Full and Overflowing

    My Cup Is Full and Overflowing

    2 weeks ago

    Gratitude towards God for all His blessings to me and to humanity

  • Last Journey

    Last Journey

    2 weeks ago

    With ages reaching sixties and seventies, it's time for the sunset of our lives. We should then prepare for the final journey of our life. Do good and be helpful and do the duties towards society.

  • On Life's Reflections

    On Life's Reflections

    2 weeks ago

    In this poem importance of education is described. The downtrodden should limit their size of family and shun from having too many uncared- for children.

  • Destiny of the Downtrodden

    Destiny of the Downtrodden

    4 months ago

    Under - previledged and downtrodden fellow human beings deserve to be looked after and cared for. Being humans they need and deserve a better deal from society. We should look after their welfare.

  • Face of a Wonderful World

    Face of a Wonderful World

    4 months ago

    Let us paint our world's face with bright rainbow colours. Save trees, save water, save air. Save earth, save our world.

  • God Is Just Kind and Merciful

    God Is Just Kind and Merciful

    2 weeks ago

    The message via this poem is that God created this wonderful earth and we should not destroy it through wars and clashes between nations. We ought to be grateful towards the Almighty.

  • Mind Brain and Body

    Mind Brain and Body

    5 months ago

    Ever wondered how our Mind, Brain and Body influence each other ? Here I have tried to throw some light on this. Daily activities to maintain bodily health as well as mental games to tone up the mind is recommended.

  • Love The World

    Love The World

    11 days ago

    Message to all humanity for world peace and maintanance of nature and eco system. Message to save our planet which is the treasure we should give to our children and future generation.

  • Life is God's Gift

    Life is God's Gift

    11 days ago

    Life is a gift from Almighty God. We should not waste it in worthless tasks. We aught to appreciate God's creations and be grateful for them.

  • Dream Up New Ideas

    Dream Up New Ideas

    3 months ago

    Dream up new ideas for world progress through science and technology. The message is conveyed through poetry form.

  • Compassion Towards Humanity - Need of the Hour

    Compassion Towards Humanity - Need of the Hour

    3 weeks ago

    With a rise in natural calamities and selfish greed of people, life and humanity have come to its knees. We should spread the message of humanitarian services people should render to salvage the world

  • Happiness and Tears

    Happiness and Tears

    7 months ago

    A mother's love for her only son. She is happy in her son's happines and tearful in her son's sorrow.

  • Poetic Nostalgia

    Poetic Nostalgia

    10 months ago

    This hub is a poem written in nostalgic memories about a hill-station the poet had visited many long years ago.

  • Garlic Fried Potatoes

    Garlic Fried Potatoes

    12 months ago

    They taste very different from French fries or any other type of fried potatoes. Fried Potatoes with Garlic and Green Chillies taste somewhat like fried fish. Or even better.

  • They Killed My Pet Cat Minni Maav

    They Killed My Pet Cat Minni Maav

    9 months ago

    My pet cat Minni Maav was killed by some heartless persons. This hub describes their misdeed.

  • Chocolates Taste Divine

    Chocolates Taste Divine

    12 months ago

    Chocolate is combined with vanilla and other flavourings and sugar and milk to give a concoction which is very very tasty. In ancient times it used to be made into a chocolate drink which the Emperors called a divine drink which fights fatigue and builds up resistance.

  • Reflect Upon Your Purpose in Life

    Reflect Upon Your Purpose in Life

    8 months ago

    We often wonder about our purpose in life. Why are we here? Why were we born? What is the real meaning of Life? We can begin to understand our purpose in life by answering this questionaire:

  • How to Tackle Negative Thinking

    How to Tackle Negative Thinking

    8 months ago

    Negative thinking leads to stress and many other stress related illnesses which manifests as high blood pressure, heart disease, acidity, loss of sleep, and mental illnesss to name a few.

  • Mughlai Chicken Curry

    Mughlai Chicken Curry

    14 months ago

    A Great time - tested Chicken Recipe straight from the Mughlai Kitchen. I learnt to cook since my teens. My mom was a great teacher. She taught me delicious vegetarian and non - vegetarian dishes.

  • One Dish Meal Khichda

    One Dish Meal Khichda

    12 months ago

    Khichda is a one dish meal, complete in itself. It is prepared in the bohra kitchens on the 10th of Moharram. It is made from wheat, meat, channa dal and urad dal and is nutritive, tastes very nice.

  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids

    Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids

    4 months ago

    It is important to maintain a good balance of omega-3s and omega-6s in the diet as these two substances work together to promote health.

  • How to Tackle a Scary Diagnosis

    How to Tackle a Scary Diagnosis

    2 months ago

    The scary diagnosis may not only be cancer, or again it might not only be about how long you have to live. It could be other diseases which may lead to change in your life pattern

  • Living With Diabetes Part 2

    Living With Diabetes Part 2

    13 months ago

    Diabetes mellitus is a disorder which often * Does not hurt * Is not contagious * Is not visible A diabetic will not be affected in * Education and professional training, * Professional occupation, * Family life * A meaningful arrangement of one’s leisure time, *...

  • Living With Diabetes Part 1

    Living With Diabetes Part 1

    13 months ago

    The diabetic is accompanied by his disease for the rest of his life. It is, however, not simply a fate to which one is cast, but a task which can be overcome. Those who follow the directions of their doctor have the chance-of leading a full life.

  • Stop Diabetes Now

    Stop Diabetes Now

    13 months ago

    Proper diet control, regular exercise and therapy as determined by your doctor, is the only way to achieve good control of your diabetes. Regular check-ups by your doctor, and monitoring your body weight, blood sugar levels will help to stabilize and control your condition and prevent the...

  • Laughing Buddha And The Frozen Sunlight

    Laughing Buddha And The Frozen Sunlight

    13 months ago

    In this poem I have highlighted the power of sub-conscious mind and how we can benefit by releasing it through meditation. The message for all humanity is expressed in the conclusion.

  • Hammer And Chisel

    Hammer And Chisel

    7 days ago

    In this poem I have described the agonising pain I had in my right leg in the 1990's and the various treatments I had undergone with the final relief through surgery.

  • Macular Degeneration

    Macular Degeneration

    8 months ago

    Age – Related Macular Degeneration ( AMD ) is a condition in which the Macula of the eye’s retina degenerate in old aged persons. This condition is one of the leading causes of blindness after the age of 50.

  • Do NOT Use Tobacco It Is A Silent Killer

    Do NOT Use Tobacco It Is A Silent Killer

    8 months ago

    Tobacco is a silent killer and it should not be consumed. Tobacco is very harmful to our body and it causes many forms of diseases in the consumer. Also it is addictive and once it becomes a habit, it is very difficult to leave this habit.

  • Fruits That Beautify and Heal

    Fruits That Beautify and Heal

    13 months ago

    Fruits are Nature’s own medicine, splendid tonics, natural stimulants, purifiers and anti – septics as well. Have a bowl of fruits as one of the three meals and find a world of difference to your skin, health and natural vitality !

  • Men And Women's Health After Forty

    Men And Women's Health After Forty

    4 months ago

    No one can remain young forever but a sensible lifestyle should find you fit and healthy at forty and take you on to a healthy old age. But, what lies in store for you later in life, will be determined by how you conduct yourself in these middle years.

  • Garlic: A Wonder Food

    Garlic: A Wonder Food

    8 months ago

    Garlic grants a great taste to food and also it is very nutritive and has a great healing power and curative virtues. Garlic has a property of curing infectious diseases and it can kill germs and has been used by ancient men to maintain good health and strength.

  • Fat Can Be Fit If You Exercise Regularly

    Fat Can Be Fit If You Exercise Regularly

    22 months ago

    About 40 percent of overweight people who exercise regularly are fit. Moreover all thin people are not physically active, and hence they are not fit.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Food

    Frequently Asked Questions About Food

    12 months ago

    This hub has some answers to frequently asked questions about food as based on studies done by nutritionists.

  • Overcome Stress

    Overcome Stress

    4 months ago

    Stress leads to high blood sugar, high blood pressure, poor cholesterol profile and deadly metabolic syndrome. Genes play a role, of course, but you can beat stress by adopting a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

  • Three Delicious Indian Food Meat Recipes

    Three Delicious Indian Food Meat Recipes

    3 months ago

    Very rich Meat recipes for all those who love to indulge in non-veg food.

  • Benefits of Eating Less

    Benefits of Eating Less

    10 months ago

    Eating less improves digestion by reducing dumping of extra food on digestive system. People who eat less live longer and have protection against obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and ischemic heart disease.

  • Foot Care In Diabetes

    Foot Care In Diabetes

    3 months ago

    Diabetes affects the feet because nerves in this region are the longest in the body. Deficiency in insulin causes under - utilization of glucose in the nerves. This glucose gets converted into toxic deposits in the nerves and affects circulation. Diabetics often suffer from a burning sensation in...

  • Body Cleansing

    Body Cleansing

    12 months ago

    So many times we treat our body so badly by indulging in fast foods, fried spicy snacks, alcohol and lungful of second hand smoke to name a few. We have a great time partying, but our body's cleaning crews will be doing a late night shift.

  • Cataract


    12 months ago

    Cataract is a cloudiness or opacity of the natural lens inside the eye. Cataract is usually white but can be tinted yellow or brown.

  • Better Vision

    Better Vision

    13 months ago

    Our two eyes are the sense organs which help us to keep contact with the outside world. We should take good care of our eyes.

  • Fitness and Health

    Fitness and Health

    6 days ago

    Swimming is considered as a great sport and a great exerciser which fulfills almost all the criterias for physical fitness. It refreshes the mind and body and is pleasurable as well.

  • Be Positive

    Be Positive

    12 months ago

    Where ever there is a negative there is a positive - that's a law of nature. It is simply a case of choosing to see the positive and staying focused on it. Every thought you think is created by choice or habit. Every thought you think creates your health

  • Stop Depression

    Stop Depression

    2 weeks ago

    Each of us has a significant chance of becoming depressed at some point in our lives, and there's a range of treatments that work.

  • Health Care - Well Being

    Health Care - Well Being

    14 months ago

    It is never too late to discard a lifetime of bad habits like smoking, over-eating, lack of exercise etc. and cultivate good habits lke proper nutrition, modest meals, regular execises etc. for good health.


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