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During my life I have had the privilage of residing in a working camp ground, at a gold mine, in an orchard and on a working farm; all before the age of 10! Living an abstract childhood has opened my mind, body and soul to taking in what the world around me has to offer, in somewhat of an unconventional way.

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  • Recycling in Today's World

    Recycling in Today's World

    19 months ago

    Recycling in todays world, to ensure a sustainable earth for tomorrow is everybody's responsibility, young or old, male or female. Recycling in todays world now goes way beyond paper and bottles.

  • Top 10 Rules of Interviewing

    Top 10 Rules of Interviewing

    19 months ago

    So you are going after a new employment position? Then you have landed in the right place to get some pointers before you are pointed to the door after a bad interview!

  • Biking With Young Children

    Biking With Young Children

    19 months ago

    A child's bicycle will be their first true mode of transportation... Or shall we say 'their first vehicle' that they will drive in their life.

  • Raising Children With Old School Values

    Raising Children With Old School Values

    3 years ago

    Go back twenty, thirty or longer, back to the good old days where things were less electronic and more personal. Families shared dinner together, elders were people to cherish, respect and care for.

  • The Recycling Era

    The Recycling Era

    19 months ago

    With todays world being at huge environmental risk we need to stand up and take action! Knowing where we stand and what options there are is the first step for a better tomorrow!

  • Large Cent Coin Collecting

    Large Cent Coin Collecting

    6 months ago

    Most people think about investing in their futures by saving and investing in stocks, bonds or RRSP's. How about considering something that is proven to increase in value through the decades in coins?

  • Treasures in Your Pocket Change

    Treasures in Your Pocket Change

    6 months ago

    Pocket weighing you down? Or a Treasure in your Pants! Sometimes you never know! But don't worry, it's easy to find your treasures that are hiding in plain sight - plus, they make great investments!