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    How to Tell if a Kiwi Fruit is Ripe

    4 years ago

    You want to enjoy some delicious and fresh Kiwi Fruit, but you don't know how to tell if it is ripe or not...Read on to find out some handy dandy tips and tricks to help you tell if a Kiwi Fruit is ripe or not!

  • How to Peel a Kiwi Fruit

    How to Peel a Kiwi Fruit

    4 years ago

    You bought some kiwi fruit at the store- the only problem is...You have NO idea how to peel it! Should you use a knife? A peeler? A spoon maybe? Or do you eat the skin?? This guide answers all those questions and gives a few tips as well!

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    5 DIY Gifts for Mother's Day

    4 years ago

    Mother's day is tomorrow and you have NO IDEA as to what to make your mom! What do you do? You grab your phone, and you start scanning the internet for answers. Then, luckily, you stumbled upon this article, and you are now in good hands my friend! Happy Mother's Day gifting everyone!

  • How To Celebrate Star Wars Day

    How To Celebrate Star Wars Day

    4 years ago

    Star Wars Day 2018 is coming up-are you celebration ready? This guides you through costumes, food, and everything else you need to know to learn How To Celebrate Star Wars Day 2018! (Or May the 4th be with you day!)

  • 5 of the Best 80's Songs

    5 of the Best 80's Songs

    4 years ago

    Need a few more songs for your playlist? Want to find your new jam? Well, the 80's was a time of big hair, fishnet wrist warmers and tights, neon leggings, and great music! So here's a list of 5 Of The Best Songs Of The 80's to fill your music needs!

  • What to Send to Your Penpal: 3 Things You Can Mail

    What to Send to Your Penpal: 3 Things You Can Mail

    4 years ago

    Writing, sending, and receiving letters from your pen-pal is the best part of the whole pen-pal experience, but what things should you send and can you send to your pen-pal in letters to brighten their day?

  • 0

    3 Reasons Why I Write and Why You Should Too

    4 years ago

    Writing is a personally rewarding, learning experience. It helps fuel creativity, and can be a relaxing and calming practice.

  • 2

    How to Pack for a Mission Trip

    4 years ago

    Packing for mission trips can seem daunting, but this guide will help you maximize the space in your luggage so that you can bring everything you need! In addition to other tips, this article will help you decide when to roll or fold clothes, and where to put fragile items.

  • 2

    How to Strum the Ukulele

    4 years ago

    Learning to strum the ukulele can seem intimidating, but if you follow these simple steps it can set you well on your way to playing with ease.

  • How to open a Lemonade Stand

    How to open a Lemonade Stand

    4 years ago

    A lemonade stand is a fun, and easy way to make some quick cash! It can be a personally rewarding, and learning experience. If you follow these simple steps it has the potential to help you have an easier time running your first lemonade stand!


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