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I was born in South Georgia in 1958 and grew up in a small town near the Florida border.During the summers as a youth, my brothers and I would walk the streets of our hometown,barefooted(by choice,not because we had to.), playing and investigating anything that might spark our interest.We might check out an old abandoned house that was purported to be haunted, or we might step on old patches of tar in the road to accomplish two things,one was to see who could hold his foot to it the longest if it was an extremely hot day, and two, to leave our footprint on it.

That's why I came here to write about things that are of interest to me and to leave a footprint.

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  • The Oak - Part 4 - finale'

    The Oak - Part 4 - finale'

    5 years ago

    The scenes of the battle had left his sight now. Exasperated and his body and mind recovering from the shock of what he had seen. Ankur knew when he had taken up the offer by Ataya; he hadn’t expected real life to be...

  • The Oak - Part 3

    The Oak - Part 3

    5 years ago

    That night Ankure thought of the events of the day and though he knew they had happened, he found it hard to justify in his mind, let alone, would he be able to ever tell anybody else. He lived alone, so this was not a...

  • The Oak - Part 2

    The Oak - Part 2

    5 years ago

    Ankure had seated himself on the bench, still looking around and a bit suspicious, He said, “You explain yourself, and intently, I will listen.” The oak began, “I can hear better than you humans can, and I can...

  • The Oak - Part 1

    The Oak - Part 1

    5 years ago

    Ankure, a young man of Indian decent, stood at the crosswalk motionless, as if in a trance, he was looking straight forward as if his eyes were fixed on an object a ways off from him, not noticing for a moment that...

  • The Farmer and the Falling Star

    The Farmer and the Falling Star

    6 years ago

    The lights of the old tractor were just bright enough to see about fifteen feet or so in front and a light on the back lit up the disc harrow he was using; outside of that realm it was pitch black. Jim was a little...

  • The Stories and Ole Bethel

    The Stories and Ole Bethel

    8 years ago

    One of the things I remember most about being young is how gullible we were and always wanting to hear a good story. Of course we were susceptible to believe any tall tale and take it as the honest to God truth of the...

  • Hell Had Me

    Hell Had Me

    8 years ago

    Agent From Hell Hell had me; its agent had taken hold of me. Its arms were wrapped around me like bands of iron. I was struggling against its tight embrace to no avail. Throwing my head fiercely from side to side...

  • Lost Confederate gold, The Mule Creek Theory

    Lost Confederate gold, The Mule Creek Theory

    5 years ago

    If you grew up in the mid to late sixties you would know it was a different era. For some of us it was more of an innocent time; especially for those of us that lived in a small town where you literally knew everyone...